Latest Wood Boring Insects Articles

Drywood Termites


Drywood termites don't require a moisture source, so the homeowner does not usually know they are there doing their damage unless they swarm. It requires a pest control professional to do the inspection.

Longhorn Beetle


There is an insect called the longhorn beetle, but it has nothing to do with cattle or steak restaurants. Check out this article to find out if longhorn beetles pose a threat to the trees in your backyard.

Asian Longhorn Beetle


The Asian Longhorn Beetle has quickly become a significant threat to our commercial forests and city treescapes. It will require a worldwide effort of nations to keep these insects from devastating our woodlands.

Carpenter Ant Damage


Is it a carpenter ant damage or termite damage? Both dig into wood. Both can ruin your day. This article will give you some easy ways to identify what's eating your wood.

Carpenter Ants - Get Rid of Carpenter Ants


Have you ever discovered damage to your wooden fence or door frames and wondered about the cause? If moisture is associated, carpenter ants may be the culprit. Read this article to discover do-it-yourself ways to get rid of carpenter ants.



Scale are a common pest on houseplants and fruit trees. The female scale are immobile and cover themselves in a waxy shell so they look more like a seed case or malignant growth on the plant rather than an insect.

Signs of Carpenter Ants


The signs of carpenter ants include damaged wood, noises coming from inside your walls and finding foraging ants in your kitchen at night.

Powder Post Beetle


The Powder Post beetle is the most damaging insect homes experience, second only to termites. The wood boring powder post beetle doesn't do as much long-term damage as termites, but infestations can be very difficult to treat.

Firewood Storage


Improper firewood storage can provide a home to unwanted insect pests that suddenly make their presense known when you bring the firewood inside. Learn what you can do to avoid this experience.

Carpenter Ant Control


Carpenter ants can do a lot of damage to your home if gone undetected. The presence of large black ants should send an important signal that all is not well with your house.

Carpenter Ant Bait


There are many carpenter ant bait products on the market such as Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait and Advance Carpenter Ant Bait. Proper placement and timing is key to successful ant control.

Ants Carpenter


You discover you have carpenter ants and worry that the carpenter ants are hungry and will eat, eat, eat until the wall falls down. Ask the question, "What do carpenter ants eat?" You'll discover it is not your woodwork that satisfies their hunger.

Asian Longhorned Beetle


The Asian Longhorned Beetle was accidently imported into the United States in the 1980's. Since that time it has established itself as a prime destroyer of many of our valuable hardwood trees.

Carpenter Ant


Unfortunately, the carpenter ant will not build you new cabinets for your kitchen. The carpenter ant earned its name because it builds its nests in damp, decaying wood. Its name implies wood construction, but carpenter ants can actually be damaging to wooden frame houses.

Powder Post Beetles


Power post beetles can be transported into homes in antique furniture or firewood, to name just two examples. Power post beetles make small, pellet-sized holes in wood, seen often in antiques and even antique reproductions.

Kill Carpenter Ants


Carpenter ants do millions of dollars of damage to homes every year. Often, the answer to kill carpenter ants is quite simple. Learn what steps you take to kill carpenter ants.

Carpenter Ants

The presence of carpenter ants usually means that moisture is an issue somewhere in the vicinity of where the carpenter ants were found. The follows paragraphs can help resolve your carpenter ant issues.