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Yellow Jackets


Treating yellow jacket nests can be done quickly and effectively with pesticide dust and a bellows or bulb duster . Watch this video to learn the proper treating methods.

Ask Rick A Question


03 Jul 2010, 19:44
The exterminator used poweder for the wasp nest in the siding which is by my patio door - only one access point out to my yard and also sprayed the railing of my deck and by the side of my house (edging) and upper area by the dog run. when can I stop worring that my dog or other family members might track in residual poisions from the exterminators chemicals that might have aerasolized a bit away? Also can the poison seep into my wall through siding area which is my kitchen. I had Orkin come out.
Ask the Exterminator
04 Jul 2010, 15:25
You can stop worrying immediately. The pesticides applied will not seep into your house, nor will you track them inside.
28 Aug 2010, 19:44
Hello. I've got a small hive in the backyard. I;m not 100% sure but i think they're wasps. What should I do?
Ask the Exterminator
29 Aug 2010, 10:44
Like the video explains, dust the entry holes with Tempo 1% dust. You can buy the product by clicking on "Pest Control Products" at the top of any page. The bottle comes with an applicator.
Shirlee K
22 Oct 2010, 18:07
We were away on vacation the last week of Aug. and 1st week of Sept. When we retruned we found probably 100 or more bees, mostly dead, in our basement. We sealed every entry crack we found, and the number of bees appearing did lessen. It is 6 weeks later and they are still appearing - maybe only 20 or so a day. My husband recently noticed bees kind of hovering around the soffit where the 2nd floor bumps out over the 1st floor, on the same side of the house we are finding the bees. We're not sure how they are entering the basement or hwo we can get rid of them. We aren't exactly sure what we are dealing with, either, although they looked like the yellow jackets in your video. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated
Ask the Exterminator
23 Oct 2010, 08:39
Yellow jackets will seek warmth as the weather turns colder. The nest will eventually die. If you can locate the nest it should be treated with a pesticide to kill the remaining wasps. The nest should be removed when all wasp activity has stopped. That usually means opening the inside wall to remove the nest. The area around the soffit shoud be treated with a pesticide dust.
22 Jul 2011, 18:00
I have yellow jackets near a siding close to the exhaust vent. How should I get rid of them? Is there a spray that will kill them? I tried to spray with ACE at dusk but it did not work. Also I am not sure if I can take out that siding? If it killed bees remains there is it a problem? What should I do? Please help
22 Jul 2011, 18:02
I have yellow jackets near a siding close to the exhaust vent. How should I get rid of them? Is there a spray that will kill them? I tried to spray with ACE at dusk but it did not work. Also I am not sure if I can take out that siding? If it killed bees remains there is it a problem? What should I do? Please help
Ask the Exterminator
25 Jul 2011, 11:44
The video on this page explains it all.
10 Aug 2011, 19:24
I live on the top floor of an apartment building, and we have wasps nests and bee hives inside the walls. We can hear them, and they are getting into our apartment. They are in the walls on both sides of the windows in two-three rooms in our apartment. Our super had a guy come today who drilled a couple holes and sprayed Konk 407 into them. It is now about 6 hours after he left and I can still hear them in the walls and see them flying in through their entryway. What would you recommend? I'm not convinced the guy knows what he's doing as I've read that liquid insecticides should never be sprayed in the walls because they can cause mold to grow. He judged where he should drill the one hole by knocking on the wall and putting his ear against the wall. It all just seems like the sort of thing a homeowner would try if they didn't know what they were doing...
I guess some key points to consider are that you can't reach our floor with a ladder, and there are so many nests. Help!! :D
Ask the Exterminator
16 Aug 2011, 11:36
I don't have a problem with drilling a hole through the wall to get to the nest, but he should have treated with a pesticide dust such as Tempo 1%. Much more effective and long lasting.
09 Oct 2011, 12:23
I have two yellow jackets nests in my old farm house(void nests). I treated both voids with delta dust last night. Should I continue to treat these nests or is one treatment enought 5-7 puffs per void.
Ask the Exterminator
10 Oct 2011, 10:40
One treatment should do the trick. Over the next few days you should see wasp activity cease.
10 Oct 2011, 12:44
unsubscribed by mistake
Chris Turner
23 Oct 2011, 22:10
I have yellow jackets getting in my house I don't know how or where I cut the sofet with reciprocating saw where they were getting in but found nothing can't find them in attic I have lorsban and tempo mixed up but can't locate them. One child has been stung and they can't seem to fly and they are all queens. Will they due this winter in south Arkansas. I even had a bee man come by twice and spray. I had a pest service fog the attic nothing works. We can't watch TV without looking for them????
Ask the Exterminator
24 Oct 2011, 11:22
Lorsban is a crop pesticide. Major label violation to use this in a home. Big time penalties if you get caught. Plus, it's not even the right type of treatment. At this time of year you will be seeing fertilized queens trying to find a place to over-winter. There is no nest to treat. They are independently trying to survive. Use Wasp Freeze to shoot them down as you find them. Eventually you will see this event end with cold weather.
Gary Carbocci
27 Jul 2012, 15:46
What certification do you need to treat a nest of yellow jackets in the home?
Ask the Exterminator
27 Jul 2012, 16:23
If it's your home you don't need any certification. If you are treating a home and are charging for the service, you need a pest control license from the state where you intend to perform the service.
Ken Mac
09 Sep 2012, 12:34
Hi, removed a yellowjacket nest in a artificial plant arrangement on our covered porch a few days ago and now the yellowjackets seem to be working their way into the house wall behind where the nest used to be. I guess trying to start a new nest. I'm thinking I will have to try the Tempo dust you recommend but I also am wondering if the mild winters of South Eastern NC will kill the nest the wall? We probably only get 1 or 2 killing frost a winter. Thanks for all your info. Ken
Ask the Exterminator
12 Sep 2012, 11:27
In some instances, wasps nests can survive for two seasons. The wasps have to eat and that means leaving the nest. If you have properly treated the entry hole you should be controlling the nest.
15 Sep 2012, 21:19
Been finding random yellow jackets in the house. Many are dead (not all-I was stuck removing one from the home). I live in San Antonio, TX and it has been very warm even now in September. Mostly my wife is finding them in/around the carpeted areas. Have no idea where they are coming in/out. This house is a new construction. Just wondering if they took up residence during construction and never left? Or are these queens looking for place to hold up for the winter or what?
22 Jan 2014, 16:28
I know a home remadie to kill wasp's, hornets, male ants, and bees...All you have to do is spray soap and water on them until you find the queen kill her she'll be the really big one with 2 small dots on her back!
19 Jul 2014, 12:36
I have an infestation of yellow jackets in the fence around my pool. It is a metal fence, and they have found entry in the joints where the poles meet the top. I am trying to determine which product is most effective...tempo 1% or delta dust.
Delta dust is significantly less expensive since it comes with the bellows duster. However, I am most concerned with effectively eradicating this problem. Coincidentally, I have a nest of cicada killers under the steps to my pool that I would also like to eradicate. What is your recommendation? Any advice is appreciated.
Serene McGrath
25 Aug 2014, 06:22
I found several yellow jackets dead on floor near window. We watch as they enter the siding near the fireplace but are more concerned that as soon as the enter the exterior of the home they die. Is there something inside my home that's hazardous that we are not aware of ? Or is this usual behavior? We are also finding them trying to enter on windows and doors. Puzzled.
25 Aug 2014, 15:18

I have a yellow jacket problem. I thought I may have had a honey bee hive under my siding at the second floor where the siding meets the brick. At least I thought they were honey bees but now I think that the wasps have moved in to eat the bee's honey and rest of the hive. The wasps are swarming arount the entry points. I tried spraying with Wilson 1Shot Wasp & Hornet, which is a foam with residual effect (so they say). It seems like the wasps have gotten worse since the treatment. I fear I may have killed off any honey bees that may have been valiantly trying to protect their nest, now it's open game for the wasps and they are very aggressive, getting in the openings as soon as the foam dissipates. I have a feeling that they don't live there - if that is the case, how long for them to clean out the contents and go away?

I live in Canada, so, I'm not sure if we have the same options for any powder treatments - I haven't seen any. What are your recommendations?

17 Sep 2014, 21:17

We are getting 20-30 yellow jackets a day in our house- (bathroom- and both bedrooms and living room) They are extremely aggressive and very large and are biting us and flying around at night. I have been bit 8 times in two days and I am at my wits end. (I am also allergic.) We called pest control and they are supposed to be out tommorow- but I can't sleep at night - I can hear them in the walls of our apt and they are in the entire wall of the apt. I wake up every day with two more bites and it is life threatening. We have closed up the windows and covered them with everything we can think of to keep them out of the bedrooms- but one just landed on our lamp and almost bit our cat who thinks they are her nee best friends. I can't have him spray in the apt- I am allergic to bee spray and he has to work from the outside due to our pets. What should I tell him to use and how should he go about it?
29 Sep 2014, 11:01
Any advice on how to find which wall the nest is in? Yellow jackets are entering under a shingle where the garage roof meets the second story wall. It's an area where walls and floors meet. I haven't been able to determine how they are getting into the house, but I am finding then on the main floor and in the basement. Dusted yesterday and waiting from them to die. Just not sure how to figure out where the nest is for removal.
11 Oct 2014, 17:07
janie - i am no expert but have had an almost similiar situation. I have not had as many yellow jackets as you - but it started as a few here and there and got worse. I have two cats and I have allergies myself. My landlord finally called out an exterminator and they have used a powder/dust and it has gotten better since then. Sadly - you cant wait for the cold to take care of them because they will try to follow the warmth which is in your apartment. I heard Catseye is good if available in your area. My landlord is using Orkin - and they rep that came out was very nice and knowlegeable and understands when you have pets (furry children!). Dont delay. If you went it's within your rights for your landlord to take care of it! Good luck - and BEE safe! :)
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