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What's that bug?


You have captured some type of insect inside your house or apartment. Now, who is going to identify the insect? Rick Steinau, Ask the Exterminator, tells you where to take your insects to have them identified for free.

Ask Rick A Question


Daniel Hill
13 Mar 2010, 16:29
I've been noticing small brown and black bugs crawling on my furnurture and i have no clue what they are.
02 Apr 2010, 18:33
I found a very small 8 legged beatle
in my sons ear....and I'm desparately trying to find out what it is.

Its body is paper thing, its a brown/rust color...from a slight distance it looked like a scab on the has tiny legs, a small white/gray spot on its seems to have great "suction" as it was pretty hard to move..
its probably a little bigger then the diameter of an ink pen....

I've searched the internet and don't see anything similar...can you help.
We live in Idaho, have dogs, cats and
have never seen anything like this before.
11 May 2010, 22:03

How do I get rid of stink bugs for free?
11 May 2010, 22:09
I should have said How can I get rid of stink skunk bugs without paying an exterminator?
Ask the Exterminator
12 May 2010, 08:56
There are products that will help repel stink bugs, but these products will not prevent them from landing on your house. Check a selection of products at
Patricia Moore
07 Jul 2010, 18:14
I have noticed that on my sink in my bathroom tiny, tiny black spects, when looking closely they are moving around. What could they be?
24 Aug 2010, 14:07
i have seen for the past several years a small brown and black beetle type of bug. it is about 1/4" long. the head area and 1/2 way down the body is brown, the bottom 1/2 is black. it has a slightly "hairy" look to it. i used to find them dead in unused cupboards, lately they have been in laundry and near baseboards. i don't think they bite, but don't know for sure. any clue? thanks.
Ask the Exterminator
24 Aug 2010, 15:12
I cannot ID without a clear, sharp photo. If you have one you must communicate via the "Ask a Question" button at the top of the page.
16 May 2011, 22:15
i am the only one in my house getting bit, three exterminators have been here and insist there is nothing..or dust mites are biting. i found about six bugs that look like roly polys but are darker in color and smaller in size. Do you know what it is and does it bite?

sincerely, out of hope
Ask the Exterminator
20 May 2011, 08:09
I cannot make an ID based upon that description. Collecting and getting the insects identified is the only way to figure out what is biting you. Without a specimen you will be hard pressed to find help.
12 Jul 2011, 00:34
I have been seeing lots of tiny brown bugs flying about my room. they are oval in shape and have no protruding antenna, and their legs stay with in the oval shape. they fly and are easily smushed. They do not bite but are quite annoying. Dark brown and about 1/2 centimeter or smaller. any ideas?
Ask the Exterminator
12 Jul 2011, 09:47
I can't ID without a photo, but the video you just watched tells you what to do.
Amy M.
20 Sep 2011, 09:10
I've found this bug(a reddish brown, almost copper colored, maggot looking bug but with legs. It has almost the same shape as a silverfish bug) in various places around my room; since then I have had professional cleaning but noticed a few more. Can you tell me what it is? I have a photo as well...
Ask the Exterminator
27 Sep 2011, 10:44
I can tell you, but you need to post your question by clicking on the "Ask a Question" link at the top of the page.
13 Nov 2011, 23:12
I found bugs coming out of this tree we brought from outside (so it wouldn't die) and the bugs looked liked dolly pollys but the were hard like rocks and had entenas please help
08 Aug 2012, 22:43
I have small beetle like bugs flying occasionally around my room..i have NO idea what they are.
12 Mar 2013, 16:09
I have a tiny little black bug with a few brown spots on the end of it. I was wondering if it was dangerous for my family and our house
Cher xiong
19 Jun 2013, 11:53
I have tiny long black bugs in my bathroom.They can't seem to die when I try to kill them.Are they harmful?
21 Aug 2013, 12:17
My dog has these tiny gray-blue bugs on his skin. No picture because I can't find any more. I crushed one to see if had blood in it, and it had dark brown/red liquid coming out. They have given my dog a rash and I don't know what they are. Help?
03 Dec 2014, 15:41
Yesterday my grandma found a flat like paper bug in my kittens food its a brownies redish color and on its butt it has some black on it. It was very small like a baby's pinky small. I also found one in my basement bed. But bigger. Please help I don't know what they are.
22 Dec 2014, 18:40
I've found this bug(a reddish brown, almost copper colored, maggot looking bug but with legs in various places around my room, especially behind my couch. Can you tell me what it is?
26 Apr 2015, 00:21
I have seen a long thin brownish-silver worm animal. Not a silverfish for sure. Pretty slippery.
25 Jun 2015, 15:23
I found a pin drop sized bug with a clear head and brown body with several thin legs crawling on me. Any idea what it is?
Ask the Exterminator
25 Jun 2015, 15:34
I cannot ID your insect based upon that description. Take your bug to your local county extension agent for a free ID.
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