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Best Mouse Trap


Still waiting for someone to invent a better mouse trap? Someone has, in fact, has invented the best mouse trap.  You can set these new snap traps one-handed and discard dead mice without having to touch anything. No mice! No mess and no inured fingers.


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cristina chan johnston
13 Aug 2009, 19:22
I know we have mice because there are droppings within two days after we clean everything up. There are around 10 mouse traps ( the trigger type as shown in your video ) but the mouse just ignores them.We caught a couple of mice in a month and that is all. We just bought some glue traps but our floors are tiles so the double sided glue won't work. I am afraid that the mouse might pull the glue traps elsewhere and die and the house might smell. We also bought some sonic pest chaser but have not used them. My friend says an exterminator came and set up some boxes and the mouse gets into the boxes and are killed. Are these the mouse and rat zapper? Please advise on the this product.
Jim Hall
12 Aug 2010, 13:20
We had a minor infestation in our garage…we tried a bunch of traps and the ones that didn't work at all were the plastic kill and contain ones from Ortho. We threw away 10 bucks on those!
08 Dec 2010, 21:24
Excellent trick with the trap against the wall. I could not believe when I found closed traps with nothing in them (incl. a pre-baited one I wrote about in comments to your article on Rat Droppings @ I did not think that mice or rats could be fast enough to escape the hammer, but your video very convincingly proves me wrong!
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