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Where Do Brown Recluse Spiders Live

Summary: Where to Brown Recluse spiders live? Anywhere they want to. Old joke, but true. These spiders want to be left to themselves in cultered, dark corners.

In nature, brown recluse spiders are found under rocks and in crevices. Dense populations are found when a habitat is conducive to recluses. As an example of their abundance we found 50 brown recluses in a commercial storage facility in one hour.

Recluses like hiding in boxes. When they get established it typically is in the basement of a building and there is little expansion beyond the structure unless connected to other structures by underground pipes or passageways. When sorting through boxes or materials, wear long sleeves and gloves to avoid being bitten.


Any dark, undisturbed area can serve as a hiding place for the brown recluse and many such places occur within buildings. You will need a bright flashlight to do a thorough inspection to find the location and extent of infestations. Likely hiding places for brown recluse spiders include crevices, corners, and wall-floor junctures, especially behind clutter and furniture in garages, basements and living areas. A key element to controlling the brown recluse is to reduce clutter.

Brown recluse spiders also live behind walls and may inhabit the voids of hollow block foundations. Infested locations will contain the distinctive shed skins, often found between joists, sills and rafters, as well as under insulation. Brown recluse spiders also reside above suspended ceilings, behind baseboards and woodwork, and within heat ducts and registers.


If you want to know if you have an infestation of brown recluse spiders we suggest doing a little pest control sluthing by installing the flat, sticky cards known as glue boards. The best glue traps for capturing brown recluse spiders are flat, like thin pieces of sticky cardboard, without a raised perimeter edge. They can be purchased at grocery or hardware stores or you can buy them from us by the box. The more glue traps the better. Put out dozens throughout your home to find where spiders are most abundant. Place traps in corners and along wall-floor junctures, especially behind furniture and clutter.

In addition to being a great detection tool, glue traps will capture and kill large numbers of spiders, especially the males, which are more likely to wander into places where people are accidentally bitten. If you are going to treat with pesticides be sure to install glue traps before the treatment, as some insecticides will cause spiders to relocate and wander into traps.

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16 Jul 2012, 17:37
i am eleven and i got a bite that is starting to swell with brown this bad?is this a brown recluse bite?
Ask the Exterminator
17 Jul 2012, 09:53
See a doctor.
11 Sep 2012, 00:49
Where can I get the dust to kill brown recluse spiders without having the pest control people to come out?
Ask the Exterminator
11 Sep 2012, 10:09
You can buy Delta Dust on this website.
James Lee
06 Nov 2012, 10:30
something we have discovered in NASHVILLE, Franklin, Brentwood , TN Fireplace ashes spread in a perimeter surrounding a dwelling almost reduceds the brown recluse down where they dont want to come in. Also sticky tomcats wrapped around the bedpost underneath a small six dollar fan and maybe more fans underneath the bed . The brown recluse dont like moving air or noise at all. Learned this from Nashville and Music vibrations . But fireplace ashes spread in a wagon train surrounding the enitre house next to the foundation helps reduce them down. they dont like the smell of fire or their stick feet gone and cant climb . We are all puzzled by this . We have asked Governor Haslam of TN to have a College study done research. Okay many other things also register vents put window screen on the inside or outside what ever looks the best cut it to fit close they can find the smallest way to get in. Tape turned inside out along th wall near the floor or cieling or both.
James Lee
06 Nov 2012, 10:40
yes medical science is just catching up with how dangerous this spider really is and its not just a Southern problem now its in Ohio , Indians , and Illinois and starting now in Floirda, North Carolina . It moves like the wind like a HOBO jumps trains. I found them under the seat of my brand new car living and had to bug bomb the car. they crawled up my open windows in the night. Gold baby recluse livng uner the seats . they dont like Ice cold areas so a house can be shut down like water turned off for a week and no heat to the house and they may all die but might not either; This is the Pestilence they dicussed in the BIBLE I am almost sure of it. TheBrown Recluse id the hardest to kill and may go back to the dinosouras age . I have sprayed the Brown recluse and it was walking aoraround 30 minutes later and trying to bite my foot. they seek revenge like a wasp. I killed one put it on my home banister and later walked around at night and saw the spiders eyes still light up with retinal like a toy train I was stunned and froze in fear thinking that spider is still alive after days of laying there. I have heard they play possum and then get back up for revenge.
James Lee
06 Nov 2012, 11:07
People this spider is the worst thing I have ever dealt with. becuase of their small size they can find a way in enywhere and seem to always want to go inside. In Nashville/Franklin /Brentwood they have to at least gut a dwelling to stop them and sometime total demolition and fire burning. They travel on the inner walls of the electric wires to move from room to room like a highway. They eat your clothing I have had things ruined by these spiders and then they dissappear into the daylight. The curly tail lizard was used in BOCA RATON to eat them but now the curly tail lizard is eating all the bords, natural lizards and next they get as big as squirrels and may start eating cats and dogs , Just kidding there ! But BOCA RATON was infested with the BROWN RECLUSE and problem is CURLY TAIL lizard dies in the cold. So think about this cant use this all over. Old Buildings in Nashville have caught on fire and burned to the ground over the Brown Recluse . Yes they eat insulation off the wiring I was stunned to find this out. Big Secrets and I have a Navy Seals who said their men are getting eaten alive in QUANTICO by this DEVIL INSECT. Oh my God another one has been found now to as bad as the recluse BLACK shoe yellow spider in OHIO Bite looks just like Brown recluse
28 Nov 2012, 22:05
do they live in fayettville,nc
Shannon Roden
08 Apr 2015, 11:19
Does anyone know of anyone who would sell me some brown recluse spiders.I need them for educational purposes and am willing to pay good money to get them.
23 May 2015, 09:56
I have them all day long. Especially now during these months. Found a female on my carport which is rare. They have been found in every room of my home. Found a dead one yesterday in the light fixture of my ceiling fan ( over my bed ) - yeah , creepy. I live in Nashville TN and it's very common here. I'm about to Demon Wp and use Delta dust and many sticky traps. i have had to redo my way of living in this old home. Beds away from walls,no bed skirts , shake clothes and shoes . Wear socks around the house. Gloves when unpacking or working .. No cardboard, only plastic storage....won't kill any spider but these :(
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