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Spider Superstitions

Summary: Spiders have always been associated with witches and evil doers. Spiders are forever hanging about in pictures of Halloween, when ghosts and goblins are all about. Toss in a few spider superstitions and you've got the perfect recipe for things that give us the frights.

The spider came in leaps and bounds,
it's beady eyes agleam.
The little boy began to run,
his voice a gargled scream.
A poem by Farrell Hope

What is it about spiders that give so many of us the creeps? Is it the silent way they sit, quietly awaiting their prey to come within arms reach


so they can jump out and capture us for their dinner? Is it their multiple eyes watching our every move? Maybe it's because they can drop down from above and suddenly invade our space. No matter how they find their way into our imaginations, spiders have always been somewhat of mysterious aliens to humans.

With that in mind, here are a pageful of spider superstitions to complete your spider fantasy.

When a Spider is found sitting on our clothes some money is coming your way. If it is running over the clothes it means your going to get a new set of clothes. Sit spider! Sit!

A spider dropping down on you from the ceiling is a sign that you will soon have a legacy from a friend. If the spider drops down, then goes back up the web you can expect some good luck, but, if it drops all the way down you are about to lose a loved one or some other catastrophy.

If a big black spider comes into the house it is a sure sign of death.

If you see a spider spinning a web your income will increase due to hard work. I always thought my hard work is what increased my income. Now I know it was because of a spider.

Seeing a spider in the morning means a time of grief. Especially if my wife sees it first.

Seeing a spider at noon means a time of anxiety. High anxiety if it just walked out from under the salad I am eating.

Seeing a spider at night time means financial loss. It sure does because I'll need to call a pest control company and those guys aren't cheap.

Seeing a spider climb up its thread signifies good news is coming your way. Seeing a spider climb down its thread also means good luck. I wish these superstition writers would make up their minds.


Seeing a spider run across a wall is another sign of good luck.

If a spider builds its web across your front door you can expect company. Yeah! More spiders.

If a spider hangs over your head you will get a letter. Or an email.

If you step on a spider you will bring rain.

In summer, if spiders are building new webs, you can expect good weather.

If you dream of a spider you will soon be in some type of litigation. If you dream of litigation you'll soon be a lawyer, or something like that.

If you dream of killing a spider you will soon lose money or something precious.

If you walk into a spider web you will meet a friend that day.

There are hundreds more spider superstitions, many having to do with luck, money and weather. If you just can't find a spider when you need one then carry a lucky rabbit's foot for luck, work hard for your money and carry an umbrella just to be on the safe side.

Ask Rick A Question


24 Sep 2012, 16:20
hmmmm..... i've been seeing white clear spiders lately.... everywhere i go... and i kill it...whenever i do... but one day i decided not to kill one? not to be superstitious and all but... i think its bad luck to kill a spider? but wtf is it trying to tell me... all i see is clear white spider.... on my wind shield 3 times.... at the bathroom work 1 some ones house 1 time... wtf???some one explain!!! saw 4 spiders in the morning... at different days, and the one at the house at night... hmmm??? It just a thought of mines because its happening to often.. past few days....
26 Sep 2012, 23:25
I prayed that I would see a cat spider before winter the vary next day one appeared in my garage in the exact spot that I askEd for. Besides me being crazy what does this mean?
28 Nov 2012, 13:13
What does it mean when the same type of spider keeps appearing on you or on your stuff? Lately, there is this tiny spider, it looks like an ant but it's thicker and just a tiny bit bigger than an ant, and I am constantly finding it on the sleeve of my arm or on my papers that I'm working on in front of me.
19 Jan 2013, 01:16
So i receive frightening news at 1:00a.m on the phone,than 30sec later a light Brown spider runs across my pillow,&Down behind bed to floor,&Of course I'm spassin to find it,&its on floor by closet so i grab shoe and smash it into 3pieces. So what happens now?!
04 Feb 2013, 16:25
What doe's it mean when there are baby spider's crawling down from your light and they just keep coming? Doe's that mean they have created a home in your light? Also, when trying to kill a spider that's in one spot and then looking away for 1-2 minute's and the spider has disappeared where do you think the spider has run off too? Especially when there's a bed on the floor?
10 Apr 2013, 19:43
I just moved into some apartments. I was walking down the stairs outside and went back to get something I had forgot. I noticed a Really dark black black widow on a side Wall of a stair. I wanted to know if it meant something or its just nature in the pine trees lol
29 Apr 2013, 12:11
what does it mean when u spot a black spider on the floor which is not moving but very much alive and this is in the evening not small in size i would say medium
02 May 2013, 07:14
What does it mean if you walking home and a black spider walks behind you and wants to be your friend. In my dream I asked the spider if it would like to come inside and it jumped on my hand and came to my room with was a black spider the size of my hand, almost like a tarantula.
11 May 2013, 20:38
A white spider climbed on my car door to the right rear view window that morning then that eveninga brown spider was climbing on the wall. Creepy.. what is the significanceof these spiders that day?
16 Sep 2013, 03:53
I was driving to work this morning and a spider came crawling from the top of my car down the window. What does it mean?
Sara beltz
07 Oct 2013, 10:45
What does it mean if i see wolf spiders every day every hour for almost two weeks . I've a extreme fear of them and i don't know what to do .
Ask the Exterminator
07 Oct 2013, 14:32
It means you have a lot of spiders around your home. Cut down tall weeds and grasses. Move everything away from outside foundation walls where spiders might hide. Treat the exterior perimeter with Talstar granular pesticide, which is available on this website. Use flat glue boards along inside walls next to door and garage door openings.
07 Jan 2014, 04:16
I just had a small spider jumping on my body. it did in the morning also. now in the evening the same spider again started drawling on my body. what does this mean.
Lucy Flor
09 Apr 2014, 14:08
a black spider in the bathroom twice??
standing next to the carpet and the other
behind the door?
24 Apr 2014, 06:08
I woke up to a spider crawling down my face. Can you please tell me what this mean?
19 May 2014, 09:48
What does it mean to wake up from sleeping and the first thing you see is a brown spider crawling on your pillows not 1ft away from your face?
04 Jun 2014, 11:32
i whas bathing and at one moment i noticed black spiderwebs on my body and there ware no spiders in my bathroom what does this mean ?
Jessica shaw
28 Jun 2014, 23:01
There are always spiders on me. I had a big brown ugly one sit right next to me and then a baby green one come down next to my shoulder. Then the brown one followed me, stared at me for 2 mins and then walked passed my feet. While feeling vibrations in my body. There are always red creepy ones on me or next to me or dangling in front of me. One was just on my leg and its web was on me and I shewed it off and it started crawling back on me. I was also saved and believe these are Satan's attacks against me. I need an answer. Please help!
29 Jun 2014, 02:10
I just moved into some apartments. I was i saw many spider there before i have problem with my eyes allways red i check up not found any problem then i check up some old man not doctor he told me i have spider in my room clean room i clean after my red eyes ok now i found spider in my shose i reaily afried whay spider behind me please tell me what to do its good or bad for me?
27 Jul 2014, 01:33
One of the longest living spider myths than can actually be pretty accurate is this: Killing a spider will cause your clothing to unravel. This sources from the Greek Mythos of Arachnis, the Queen of the Spiders, who made a deal with humans that we could use the silk of her children to bind our clothes so long as we didn't kill them (even the Ancient Greeks were smart enough to scream and stomp, apparently). I can attest to at least a little validity. I work from home, but my clothes fall apart within a year of purchase. My best friend is fifty and still has clothes from when he was ten in near-prefect condition. I kill spiders every chance I get, he lets them live (in fact refuses to kill, which sucks sometimes). And while the world can pretend like there is nothing scary about a spider, the fact is that they are almost all poisonous. Maybe there are only a couple that are deadly, but there are a lot with severe consequences (like loss of limb), and it doesn't matter what research and statistics say, if you have been or have witnessed someone who has been bitten, you understand the paralyzing fear that those hellish devil-pets instill. I was four when I was bit by a brown recluse, and if my mother hadn't had the sense of mind to rush me to the emergency room, I'd have lost my big toe, possibly even my foot if the spider had injected enough venom. Anyone who says spiders aren't scary are just people too ignorant to know better.
21 Aug 2014, 05:26
What does it mean when a spider web is next to your mailbox? and what does it mean if you find a spider inside your mailbox?
Yanira carallo
29 Aug 2014, 02:03
What does it means because lately I been having spiders walk all over my body and I kill it ryte after because I hate spiders
13 Oct 2014, 10:55
While going to the bank to deposit some cheques and also to withdraw some money for bills, as I was waiting, I saw this money spider with the light tan reddish color crawling on the floor headed towards the bank vault or office to my right. It was on the floor and I stared at it. It crawled under the desk and disappeared out of my sight. Does that mean anything? Apparently, I was recently told also that I am going to received a large amount of money from a pension benefit. Does this have anything to do with my seeing the spider inside the bank?
kris meharg
19 Jan 2015, 22:03
Here we go: about two years ago i had a very vivid dream i was walking by a field and there was a tree with a black car and a small room i went into this small room and when i opened the door all these spiders flew onto me all over me i then dreamed i was in the hospital that year i had a mild heart atrack and i see spiders on my wall from time to time send feedback please
Jeannie Mccurry
02 Mar 2015, 21:47
Seen a white spider on the coffee table this evening. What is the omen for this?
27 Mar 2015, 15:39
Please tell me what this means.

I was sitting at my desk at home and while looking at my computer here comes a huge spider coming down it's web, but when he saw me, the spider proceeded to go up the it's web. Since, I was afraid of it, I killed it. If it was smaller i would not be too concerned, but this spider was huge and I couldn't function if I knew something that big was in my house.


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