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How To Catch A Rat



Catching rodents takes patience and some brains. Mice are easy to trap, but learning how to catch a rat takes a little more skill and knowledge.

If you ever have to deal with trying to catch an adult rat you will find you are up against a clever adversary. With all the daily inherent dangers that a rodent must face in order to survive, it's no wonder that trying to catch one of these rascals is no easy task.

First, you must understand that rats are very suspicious of new surroundings. If they find their way into your property they will use utmost care when exploring their environment. Even when facing hunger or thirst a rat will not indulge itself on the first food or water it finds. It will approach any new food source with caution, often tasting only a small sample to see if it can be safely digested. With this in mind you need to know how to pre-bait your traps.


Look for fresh rodent droppings. Usually they will be found under a cluttered area. Let's assume we hope to catch our rat using a common snap trap. Put some fresh, clean food on the trigger mechanism, but do not set the trap to go off. Peanut butter is always a good choice, but it will need to be changed after a couple of days to keep it fresh. Then, replace all the clutter as you originally found it.

The next day return to see if any of the food has been eaten and look for fresh rodent droppings. Don't despair if you find fresh droppings, but none of the food has been eaten. Remove the old food and replace it with fresh. Rodents will only eat fresh, clean food.

Once you find that the rodent is eating the bait you must continue to repeat this process for another few days until you are sure you have noticed a set pattern of feeding. Then, and only then, can you set the trap with assurance of catching your prey. Trying a shortcut will result in a prolonged bout of hide and seek.


25 Jun 2011, 08:20
I have at least one rat. I've been using a snap trap w/ peanut butter & the bait keeps getting taken, but I still have not caught the rascal. Any advice?
Ask the Exterminator
25 Jun 2011, 18:34
Yes! Read the short article at this link and follow the directions:
Smarter than the rat
12 Sep 2011, 07:35
I found that ants eat the peanut butter and its not the rat taking the bait and not setting off the trap. Try putting the trap up off the ground.
19 Dec 2011, 20:44
I have a rat(s) in my house. If I have one, does that mean there are more of them? Do you like the sticky traps? I have a dog so this is going to be tricky catching them. I have left my back door open so he can go in and out of our home. I have already caught one in my sons bedroom of all places. What I really want is some kind of magical solution to this problem! Thank you!
18 Mar 2013, 10:22
I have a rat/s in my garden, spotted 4days ago. Ive set traps but without success.
Will try this peanut butter idea and hope it will get the Rat its a big Rodent. I hate them. They just mean disease carriers.yuc....
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