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Wood Roach


Summary: Wood roaches are large cockroaches often mistakenly identified as the American cockroach. The wood roach does not live inside structures.

The wood roach is often thought to be its cousin, the American roach. Wood cockroaches, which can grow up to one and one-quarter inches long, prefer to eat decaying organic matter and are attracted to light, whereas most roaches run from light. Females deposit their egg capsules outdoors under old logs, stumps and firewood. There is one generation of Wood cockroaches per year and, in some cases, the life cycle takes two years.

Seal up possible entry points using an easy-to-use product called Xcluder. It is much like steel wool, but water won't make it rust out. You can also use a pesticide product around window frames to help control cockroach entry called D-Force HPX aerosol.

At dusk, Wood cockroach males may begin taking short flights and are drawn to porch or house lights. The Wood cockroach normal habitat is moist woodland areas but it frequently become a household nuisance because it wanders into or is carried into the house with firewood.

Woods Roach

Wood roaches which are also called the Pennsylvania Wood roach, do not survive indoors which is probably the best news you have read so far. They require the consistently moist environment of their natural habitats such as under wood piles or loose bark and in decaying logs. So, unless your housekeeping is way below par, the presence of wood roaches is strictly a temporary annoyance. They usually die within a few days in the house, so a call to the exterminator is probably not required.

If Wood cockroaches are found anywhere inside the home, usually they are solitary. So, it's not necessary to go looking for the mate. Wood cockroaches do not reproduce or multiply inside. Since wood cockroaches do not establish themselves indoors and their presence is temporary (a few weeks, at most) during the spring, chemical pest control measures are rarely needed.

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Davis Davis
07 Nov 2012, 09:49
Nice. Thanks for the info on this uncommon species.
catalina Casellas
31 Mar 2013, 10:35
I was stung by a wood roach as I was picking it up from my floor using a paper towel ... I proceeded to wash my finger with soap and water, then dipped my finger in alcohol and rubbed it with Neosporin .. should I visit the Dr?
26 Jun 2014, 18:35
Tiara. 'They are reddish above and brown below' 'they are taking over' You actually have the american roach. Look that bug up. Its the species they are saying the wood roach is often mistaken for. You have a case if the reverse. Mistaking the american Roach as the wood roach.
Interesting fact: the American roach is actually from Africa :-). They are tenacious. Highly intelligent. Highly charged. And full of personality that ranges across the spectrum. I can't stand it when a full grown one turns its attention directly at me ...EEK!
24 May 2015, 11:04
leaving fla i once bought a used truck.once in pennsylvania i was getting in the truck in morning;a large fla roach coming out the vent;collecting myself;went to lowes and bought can of roach bomb;shut truck and threw it in;hours later three huge fla roaches.repeated the process;two more;definately fla
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