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Cockroach Facts

Summary: Roaches and filth. Roaches and filth. Go together like, well, I don't know an adequate rhyme, but who cares? Cockroaches are yucky!

Cockroaches are always associated with filth. Why aren't our feelings about ants and spiders and beetles the same? Well, for one reason, cockroaches are known to carry Salmonella and E.coli bacterial pathogens and the other aforementioned little fellows don't.

Put a cockroach under a magnifying glass and you'll see they are covered with hairs and spines. All these things hanging off their bodies pick up bad stuff as they make their way through drains and sewers. If they have just emerged from one of these sewer lines and have somehow found their way into a kitchen. you've got instant contamination. We often hear about outbreaks of food borne diseases and many such outbreaks can be traced back to


cockroach infestations.
The lowly cockroach also does a great job of irritating people with allergies. In fact, it is now commonly belived that people can have asthma from exposure to cockroaches. As cockroaches shed their outer skin during molting which occurs six to twelve times during their lifetime, the molted skin decomposes into tiny flakes. Air currents pick up the flakes and they float in the air around us. Eventually, with enough of these flakes in the air, we will breath them into our lungs. Put enough cockroaches in a room and you'll have an appreciable amount of cockroach stuff floating in the air you are breathing. People with allergies are quickly affected. This is an especially well known problem in low income housing where incidences of childhood asthma cases far exceed other socio-economic neighborhoods.

So, there is good reason to strive to live in a cockroach-free environment. Ignoring an existing cockroach population can bring exposure to unhealthy pathogens and potential respiratory problems.

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16 Jan 2013, 19:57
We brought in a few german roaches in a gift wrap roll about 6 months ago. We noticed babies coming out, then found the source and had a company come out and spray. 1 month later they came back and did powder and gel traps. We saw about 1 a month until about 2 months ago and then nothing. Tonight we saw 1 at dinner time crawling up the wall near the toaster. If this is the only one we've seen in 2 months do we need to have them come back and treat? Is this guy a lone survivor? So disappointing after working so hard to get rid of them over the past 6 months.
Ask the Exterminator
16 Jan 2013, 21:16
German roaches are fairly easy to control with cockroach baits. If your pest control company is using liquid pesticides to treat for the roaches, the control process is likely to take a lot longer. I recommend using Maxforce cockroach baits to control the problem. This product is available on my website. This is the same product used by many pest-control professionals.
Mike Riley
14 Feb 2013, 04:50
I just moved into a apartment three days ago. I have never lived in a place that had even 1 roach but I've seen two in the past two days. I had just bought a new laptop and a new Xbox. I don't want them to get inside them. Should I just leave the place I'm living and find a new place? If I saw one I've been told there's more. What shoul I do. So freaked out!!!
16 Feb 2013, 17:53
I am having a problem with roaches in my kitchen. I have a pest service and the week after he comes, I see less roaches but by the second week they are just as bad. We have eliminated them from every other room but the kitchen and now they are getting into my new glass top stove. I don't know what to do, we have been through several pest companies and none of them can seem to get rid of them. My mother and sister(who had roaches way worse than I ever thought about)don't have them any longer and we use the same company. Any thought? I need some serious help.
26 Feb 2013, 13:06
help! i just moved into a "luxury" apartment complex and already two weeks here and i seen 1 roach. it was small but i opened my pizza box that i put on my counter for 5 min and it was crawling on my pizza! i tried to kill it but it was too fast! mind you my apartment is sooooo clean and i never keep food out. but, there is a garbage shoot two doors down from my unit. could they be coming up from the garbage shoot and just crawling into my apartment? managment said they would exterminate right away and that they exterminate twice a month anyways. i dont see any shells or eggs or anything. do you think i will have more? i have a 17 month old son and i heard they can make you sick. they used a gel of cockroach bait so hopefully they will all be gone if there are any :/...also i could have sworn there were yellow stripes on the back. are their cockroaches with yellow stripes going vertically up the back?
07 Apr 2013, 10:32
the exterminator came to my apartment and put gel to kill cockroaches,and now i see more of them comming out is this normal?
29 Apr 2013, 09:30
I have lived in A 16 unit apartment building for almost 5 years now and about 6 months ago i seen a cockroach crawling up the wall from behind my tv, so i kill it put it in a zip lock bag and took it to the garbage outside. I am a clean person and i like my house the same. That following weekend i did more detailed cleaning and i bleached and dis infected my entire house. This morning i walk in and there is another one in the living room but not on the same wall. I have never seen them in any other room. What can i do to keep them out of my apartment?
07 Aug 2013, 14:09
i just rented a house and before going in i sprayed venom for roaches and other insects, later in the day when i came back i saw one BIG roach dead near a hole located in the washing room area near an open pipe, that was the only one i saw, nothin in the rooms or cabinets, no small (german) roaches, then i poured soap & bleach in one of the bathrooms to clean them and two of the big roaches came out of the shower pipe!! what can i do?? should i just ask for my deposit and rent back?? i talked to the landlord and he camed and bombed the house, he says it naybe because the house as been empty and with no water running, that maybe they are in the pipes but they will go away.. he bombed the house already but idk if that will do and i have small children and would hate to see these big roaches near them!!
02 Nov 2013, 17:57
Moved my friend used my car & seen a cockroach?

Got home, ripped my vehicle apart vacuumed, sprayed & am wondering what the chances are that I now have cockroaches in my car?

Not impressed with the non disclosure.
18 Nov 2013, 11:16
Hi! We moved into our home 14 months ago. After we moved in, we found out from the nieghbor lady that our home had had a HUGE roach infestation a few months before. I have had bronchitis twice, a sinus infection twice, a respiratory infection when my husband painted the kitchen. I'm on my third bronchitis infection now that refuses to clear up so now I'm being sent on for asthma testing. And I have an unexplainable rash across my upper chest.

My questions is this: Even though the live critters are gone, are the dead bodies and feces left behind capable of causing me these problems? If so, for how long does this decaying material continue to effect our air quality? Can I test our air to be sure? With which test? How do I get rid of these effects?

My children (esp. my daughter) has had a couple of sinus infections and bronchitis too but not as bad as I. I'm guessing it's because I have the highest exposure, being in the home more as a stay at home mom.

Thank you for responding!
11 Jan 2014, 02:15
We never had roaches and recently moved into a home that has them. We had the exterminator come out and that only made it worse what do I do. I have 2 toddlers with asthma and an infant
25 Jan 2014, 14:22
My boyfriend has roaches in his home and when we move out on our own, he wants to bring all of his game systems, his flat-screen TV, and a bunch of other things with him. Would there be roaches in any of these things? What are the chances that we could take them with us?
05 Apr 2014, 01:50
I like how everybody is defending their cleanliness. Cute. Anyway, we have been living in a single family rental home for 5 years and are having a roach problem for the first time in our lives. They appeared suddenly and all seemed to be in the vicinity of the counter our sink is on. I got paranoid about the cleanliness of my home and have been OCD-cleaning it ever since but it didn't help. I recently grabbed something from under the sink and found it dripping wet and realized we had a leak and called the landlord to fix the leak. Any tips on what to say to our landlord to make him feel responsible for the extermination too?
02 Jul 2014, 17:37
We Bombed the house for roaches and a week later they seem to be twice as bad . Why would this be?
11 Sep 2014, 01:30
i rented a trailer to a family for about a year and when they moved out i had to clean the trailer because they left everything a mess. The roaches are so bad that when you open the front door, for a few seconds it looks like the floor was moving and the roaches are EVERYWHERE! They are crawling on the outside of the trailer and in cabinets, bath tub, kitchen sink, etc. my question is, is there ever a point that infestation is too bad even for an exterminator?
Ask the Exterminator
11 Sep 2014, 07:59
Of course not. When infestations are this bad you should start by vacuuming the roaches using a shop vac. The remaining roaches can be controlled by cleaning up, then applying generous amounts of roach baits.
jasmine joubert
16 Sep 2014, 13:16
So I've been living in this place for at the most two weeks and have found two roaches. How infested is my building. There's an apartment above. Who moved in after I did.and I hadn't noticed roaches before they moved in is it possible they brought them here with them. I've contacted my landlord and she just keeps saying she will be coming with an exterminator but god knows when. Should I keep friends , family, and there children away? What should I do.
maria zavello
23 Sep 2014, 17:36
Last night i was watching a movie and i felt an itch on my arm and when i went to scratch i found a cockroach. i absolutely hate the little buggers. the next day i completely tore apart my room hoping to kill and get rid of them. my room isn't what most would say is clean but it isn't fifthly. I have more clothes than i do dresser space, so my clothes are kind of thrown around. the house i live in is 15-30 years old. i've lived here for 15 years and have seen like 5 roaches at most. is there anyway that the fact that i have clothes scatter about would cause roaches to be living in my room???
Ask the Exterminator
23 Sep 2014, 18:45
Roaches like clutter. They can find grease spots on our clothes and make a meal.
04 Oct 2014, 03:11
Today my brother found a cockroach in the kitchen...... He killed it and sterilized the area but what worries me is about 6 or so months ago we found 2 ...... Is an infestation brewing up?
Ask the Exterminator
05 Oct 2014, 10:48
Could be. All depends on so many factors such as, do you live in a freestanding home or in an apartment? If you want to monitor for cockroach activity I suggest putting out insect glue traps all around the area where you are seeing activity. If you want to have a dialogue about this, please use the "ask Rick a question" links on this page.
Mandy mattingly
09 Oct 2014, 23:55
We have lived in our house for a year and we have never seen a roach but in past 3 days I have seen 4 or 5. My mom brought 3 boxes from her storage that had porcelain dolls in them. I unpacked them the night that we saw the first 2, now we've seen 3 more? Could they have come from the boxes or do we have roaches now? I've never had them and can't stand the thought of them. I'm itching everywhere thinking of them!
11 Oct 2014, 04:32
I adopted a puppy from a friend who i knew had roaches and i doubted there was a way the puppy could bring home roaches with it. However, after several flea medicines and baths there are these "adult" looking fleas still running around on this little puppy and now I HAVE SEEN ROACHES IN MY HOUSE!! Now i am taking in consideration i saw two or three before (in a different room and the window was open and garbage can directly under it) in the months prior but now after i got the puppy (id say its been about a month now) ive seen more roaches (like 15) than i have in my life all in my kitchen!!! My question: since obviously the fleas are not dying could they be baby roaches?
13 Oct 2014, 07:32
All of a sudden we have killed 8 very large roaches in our home this week. I have never seen any this big. They are 2 in long and some are dark and some are a reddish color. What kind are they and what is best to get rid of them?
15 Oct 2014, 07:57
Since I posted my earlier question, we decided to use Raid foggers throughout our entire house and that means under, the attic and etc. Let me tell you I have never seen anything like this. I was pretty certain they were in the attic and that confirmation soon came. They were coming out of every where any way they could. We started out trying to kill them as they came but it became too many and we finally decided to have faith in the fogger. How could we not have seen that many until now? What kind are they? These were 2 in or more in size, dark black and some had a reddish color.
02 Nov 2014, 00:19
My husband and I have owned our home for 6 years and never had a problem, then wham! This past month I have seen like 2-3 a week! I'm concerned they may be coming from our neighbor's house. Both are free standing homes. At first we were just seeing big ones but recently I've seen small ones too! What can we do?!?!?
Ask the Exterminator
02 Nov 2014, 08:34
I have many good articles about cockroach control on my website. They will answer your questions.
12 Nov 2014, 17:20
I just had my house treated for insects. We had a spider problem and decided to make sure we do preventative maintenance on all creepy crawlers. I had never seen cockroaches in the house, but ever since the inside and outside of the house were sprayed i have seen two near the dogs water bowl. Is this normal or should we have the exterminators come back in?
Maria zavello
12 Nov 2014, 17:58
recently a larg amount of small and larg cockroaches have showed up in my daughters bathroom. At night they run around. I have sprayed and sanitized the bathroom several times. Infestation????
jose gonzales
03 Mar 2015, 10:35
in the past 2 months I seen two big roaches immerge inside our free standinghouse, one was seen one week and then a week later I seen one more.2 weeks later I seen a smaller roach crawling in our kitchen counter.the neighbors house is being remodeled and im thinking the roaches are fleeing from there, can this be a possibility and what can I do?
14 Mar 2015, 03:17
My mother in law has the worst cockaroach problem I have ever seen and she uses raid a lot for it. Now I was just at Ralphs I front of the raid isle and a man walked by and said "your not getting raid are you?" he said he was an exterminator and I would end up with a bunch of baby cockaroaches if I used raid and that raid is the biggest scam, it just makes more roaches. I want to know more about that, my mother in law says raid kills the roaches fast so is this guy just full of it or is it true?
Ask the Exterminator
14 Mar 2015, 10:27
Raid is a pesticide so I don't know what that "so-called" exterminator was talking about. If used properly the product will kill cockroaches.

And your mother situation you need to see what the cockroaches are eating. Are they eating accumulate grease on the side of appliances? Sanitation is key to good control.

As professionals, we depend a lot on cockroach baits rather then sprays. Specifically, we use Maxforce baits which are sold on this website.
30 Mar 2015, 07:51
I think, it will ok to call for pest control service at your home when they are unmanageable from your side or use other products to exterminate them. Am I right?
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