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Cockroach Baits


If you have a cockroach problem and you are trying to decide on how to control them, I can tell you the easiest, most effective method is cockroach baits. Cockroach baits come in tubes of gel or you can buy little stations that contain a pesticide “cookie”. Either way, these baits draw hungry cockroaches to feed and once they do, they return to their nests where they die in a day or so. After they die, other roaches consume the body, ingesting the poison, as well. It’s called the domino effect. Poison one roach and many other roaches will die.

The best cockroach baits are Maxforce FC Gel Bait, Maxforce FC Roach Stations, Maxforce Magnum for severe infestations and Advion Cockroach Arenas which accommodate the large cockroach species like Oriental and American cockroaches. All of these products are available on this website.

Once you purchase the bait products you’ll find there’s a trick to

Cockroach feces

properly placing cockroach baits. It takes a lot more than smearing a dab here and a dollop there. Cockroaches are not explorers. They exploit nearby food sources and stay in hiding much of their lives. So, you need to understand how they live and what they like to eat before you can expect results from your pesticide placements.

First, know that there are different species of cockroaches. The common kitchen roach is a German cockroach. That particular roach likes warm places near a water source. They will eat nearly any foods consumed by mammals.

Then, there’s the Oriental cockroach, also known as the water bug. These pitch black roaches are found in cool, moist locations like basements.

We also often run into that big, red roach known as the American roach. In Florida that very same roach is called a Palmetto bug. This big fellow likes humid temperatures. They can be found living outside in Florida where the temperatures suit it to a tee. Head north and these roaches are often found in our sewer systems.

For this article, let’s focus on the German roach, since this is the roach most often found infesting our homes. Remember, these roaches like war areas. You’ll find them hiding near heat sources like refrigerator motors or under stoves. You can also find them hiding in the upper corners of cabinets where hot air rises and collects. They also like to hide near water sources under kitchen sinks. Roaches like to back themselves into tight cracks where they can deposit their egg cases, so you need to pay attention to every crack and crevice.

Look for signs of cockroach activity. Their fecal material looks like pepper. You’ll find it in corners where roaches congregate. In heavy infestations roaches fight for territories. The weaker roaches will move off to find less attractive locations such as between door hinges.

If you are in the habit of eating in bed you can bet roaches will follow. Roach infestations in bedrooms are common, especially around headboards and other locations where roaches can get an easy meal.

Applying Maxforce gel

If using gel bait, place a dab of bait about the size of the nail on your baby finger, in all the aforementioned locations. Make sure the gel is placed in dark, warm locations. If using the bait stations, use the sticky tab on the back of each station to secure it to walls or appliances near warm areas, under the sink next to the water pipes, in corners of cabinets where you keep food and dishes and even on the back of your bedroom head board. Don’t put these stations in locations where the roaches would be upside down to enter. Roaches don’t feed well in an upside down position.

Use nine or ten bait or station locations per 100 square feet of space in rooms where you know roaches to be hiding. Roaches will smell the bait from up to about four feet away, so you need to put out lots of bait in order to attract them.

One last important note. You cannot use any other type of pesticide when you use roach baits. Most liquid baits will ruin gel or roach stations. Liquid baits often contain materials that repel roaches, while baits are meant to attract roaches. The two don’t mix.

Read the label of any product you choose. Follow label directions exactly.

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18 Mar 2014, 15:35
I have a slumlord type landlord and shortly after I moved in we saw roaches, baby's all the way up to full grown, i believe German, but could have been oriental. Didn't look that close, just freaked and sprayed. I went and bought max force professional from a local pest control place. $50 for 3 tubes.

So the landlord took a long time to get someone in to spray, and only did finally after I called a building inspector. He only had it sprayed once. We didn't see any for awhile, then I saw another one about a week ago, which was about 2 month and a half after the spray. I told him that he needed several sprays because of multiple complexes or they would just come back. That's what I've been told. Also, he is such a lazy landlord that he has not cleaned the gutters probably since he built this place over 8 years ago, and he is now having issues with his basement which I'm sure is partly because of the gutters.

My question is, the extremely stupid cheap exterminator only sprayed my place and didn't spray the rest of the building this last spray that I flipped out about needing when I saw another roach. (Also told me(which is a legal issue) that the landlord said to charge me from now on if I see bugs. Which roaches are not the only problem, there's also silver fish.) knowing what you know of my situation, can he blame me for this or can the roaches be not leaving because of the poor conditions of the gutters and building ( tons of leaves are pushed up against the house also because he never raked or shoveled). And my house is sooooo incredibly clean, I basically do a spring cleaning once a month and never leave food out or dirty dishes laying around and I always clean up water spills and make sure my leaky faucets don't leave a water puddle anywhere. This is how I always live, not just because I found roaches. This place has cracks all over cause the foundation is sinking, and there are several entries for bugs to come in from cracks by the door cause the idiot put the door on backwards so the water trickles inside the house instead of away from the house, which also caused mold. Hopefully I made a actual question you can answer here and not just a gripe session.
01 May 2014, 22:10
My family and I moved into a new apartment that had zero signs of any animals. Its very modern and updated and showed very neat. My wife is a neat freak and keeps the kitchen spotless but after living here for two months she spotted a small roach by the sink. She said she couldn't see well and that it could have been an ant. But the next day we both saw an adult one in the same place which we killed. We bought the traps you mentioned and placed them everywhere in the kitchen and have been looking for any signs but so far nothing. No dead ones anywhere and no more spotted and its been like 3 days. We are worried because they say for 2 you see there are 50 more hiding but how do we know its working or if it's going to get worst?
03 Jul 2014, 11:28
Can roaches eat upside down? Ex: if I place a bait station under the sink..?
02 Sep 2014, 00:49
I moved into a new place almost two months ago. I cleaned it well and do regularly. I saw no evidence of past roaches and haven't heard of anything else in the building. One night a pretty big one crawled right by me, I killed it and cleaned. Maybe a week later I saw a baby in the bathroom, killed it and cleaned. About 2 weeks after that I saw another one mid to fill grown, killed it and cleaned. I keep all food sealed or in the fridge, wash dishes right after use and always take the trash out. Other than that, I haven't seen any other evidence or excrement. I think the ones I've seen may have wandered in under my door. I put a sweep to cover it.
I want to put gel baits around, but might that attract ones from outside and bring a bigger problem in my home? What is the best method to determine if I really have a problem?
28 Sep 2014, 05:38
I will be posting a question. Please help.
05 Oct 2014, 16:13
We saw a few roaches in the kitchen a week or so ago. We had an exterminator come in and spray and today I saw another roach! I want to put down bait, but the label says not to put down bait after spraying. How long should I wait to put down gel tube bait?
Ask the Exterminator
05 Oct 2014, 17:32
You can use bait in any location where the liquid was not sprayed and t won't affect the gel bait. You cannot use it on treated surfaces for the next 60 days.
09 Oct 2014, 01:43
Shut up. Kill roaches.
28 May 2015, 11:19
We moved into this new apartment and found ourselves greeted by german roaches. We had the pest control guys come in and put baits all around the kitchen and bathroom. However, we have not seen many dead roaches since. We keep since a couple of alive adult ones every 1-2 days. We are not sure if the bait is actually working. How can we tell if it is and what can we do on our end to bring this to a complete end?
10 Jun 2015, 11:34
I recently moved into an older apartment building the city. I've seen lots of cockroaches outside the surrounding buildings. My building has outdoor walkways and I have seen a few cockroaches outside in the walkways on the bottom level. I live right above where I saw the cockroach and would really like to prevent them from getting inside my apartment, if they haven't already. I've bought the cockroach baits, but im hesitant to use them because a) I don't want to attract the cockroaches to my area, and b) I'm unsure if they are okay to be placed outdoors. What would you suggest?
Ask the Exterminator
10 Jun 2015, 13:50
The cockroach baits are best used indoors, but you can place them outdoors in cracks and crevices if it will protect the bait from direct sunlight or rain.
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