Biting & Stinging Insects
Mattress Covers and Bed Bugs

Many bed bug treatments have been performed since these pests have made such a strong come-back. Every time a pest control professional gets into the treatment he finds himself having to tell the homeowner that the stuffed sofa or the lounge chair must go. With much hesitation on the homeownerís part, the infested furniture finds its way to the curb. Often times the homeowner also finds it necessary to toss out the mattress and box spring, as well. But, this is not always necessary as there are ways to salvage some furniture. It simply takes a little research.

In the case of bedding there are some well documented steps you can take before relegating your cozy mattress to the garbage heap. Several
retail chain stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and Linens and Things carry mattress covers and box spring covers. Here is where it gets a bit tricky. A vinyl box spring cover is fine, but most of us donít want to sleep on a plastic coated mattress cover. That makes for hot, sticky summer nights, for sure. What you need is a cotton hypo-allergenic zippered mattress cover with a tread count in the 300 range, and that could be expensive.

So, consider all the variables. If your mattress is fairly new and fairly expensive, you may want to high-tail it down to the linen store for a good hypo-allergenic mattress cover. Zip it closed and keep it closed for a year or more. (Bed bugs will eventually die inside the case, but it can take over a year for this to happen.) If your mattress is well worn and especially if it has tears in the fabric, take it to the curb.

One additional note to consider. If you are throwing out furniture or bedding, be sure to make it unuseable by ripping it open with a utility knife. You donít want some poor unfortunate person picking it up thinking they have found a real treasure.

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