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Squirrel Trapping

Summary: Trapping and relocating wild animals around your home may seem like the answer to your problems. Just be sure you know the laws in your state about releasing trapped animals. Many states do not permit it.

Jim A; Thunder Bay, Ontario asks: I have been live trapping red squirrels and releasing them about ten minutes away and across the river from my house. Do these squirrels find their way back to me or do I just keep on getting new squirrels from somewhere else?

Dear Jim: There are various studies on the homing capabilities of red squirrels, but none seems to be conclusive about how far away a red squirrel can find its way home. I read a story about someone who swears his squirrels have returned


from twenty-five miles away. (Must be something really special in his attic.)

I've been unable to find any information about the homing capabilities of any squirrels be they red squirrels, black squirrels, grey squirrels, flying squirrels or ground squirrels.

My guess is that dropping your squirrells off ten minutes away from your home is not far enough, but regardless of the distance, you need to be certain you are not breaking the squirrel trapping law. Some states really frown on the practice of releasing trapped animals. Many locations require that trapped animals be euthanized. There can be big fines associated with releasing animals back into the wild illegally. You need to check with your local natural resource agency to avoid running into legal troubles.

Better yet, you might want to consider calling a local pest control company or an animal removal company to do the "dirty" work.

Click here to watch my short video on how to trap for squirrels.

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01 Apr 2009, 10:47
My neighbor has been trapping squirrels in his backyard since the middle of march and theirs one in his trap now in pouring rain. is it legal? especially when they have their bab
Ginny Miller
20 Jun 2009, 13:13
I have a problem with about 20 squirrels. I started feeding them 12 years ago, along with the birds and now I want to stop but afraid they will chew through the new vinyl windows and the landlord will kill me. I live in a senior apartment building with 20 apartments. I'm afraid that when I die, these squirrels will try to come in anywhere they can. How can I get rid of them? Should I have hunters come in the fall and shoot them?? I would feel so bad. It would take too long to trap them. I'm at my wits end about what to do. I'm a prisoner in my own home now because they climb on the windows all the time till I feed them. And now it's costing way too much. I feel like the one trapped. I should never have started feeding them years ago. HELP!!
Ginny Miller
20 Jun 2009, 15:35
Thank you for your quick response. I have a brother that was a trapper. Maybe he can help me. I will check on New York State laws too. My brother wouldn't hesitate to kill them. I would like to trap the oldest ones and let the young ones go. before they get too used to me. I'll see what I can do. Thank you again.
11 Jul 2012, 17:24

I found this site after I bought my chipmunk trap. It catches all types of squirrels. From the sounds of the testimonials, it sounds like the Squirrel trap is wonderful as well.

I would be curious as to how much success this one has being that the chipmunk trap they make has worked wonders.
Jim Dalpiaz
05 Jun 2015, 13:05
Havahart makes a small trap that is great for squirrels and chipmunks. The first 24 hours i set the two I bought I caught 2 squireels and 2 chip munks. They cost around $21.00 a piece.
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