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Dennis M; Hazelhurst, GA asks:  I live in an old house with a two foot high crawl space under it. The crawl space is infested with spiders. I tried those bug bombs, but they didn't help. What else can I do?

Dear Dennis: If the insect foggers didn't work it means the aerosol pesticide didn't touch the spider. An insect fogger will kill the spider if it the insecticides reach where the spider is hiding. You need to carefully read the label of the aerosol bomb. Make sure it lists spiders as one of the insects it is meant to control. If spiders are not on the label, you're using the wrong product. Most home and garden stores like Home Depot or Lowes carry the products. You can find them at grocery stores like Kroger's, too.

Second, read the label to see the cubic footage the "bomb" is meant to cover. If you're trying to treat 4,000 cubic feet, but the label says it's meant to cover 3,000 cubic feet, you're going to be 1,000 cubic feet short of your goal.


Remember, when figuring cubic feet you need to multiply the width times the length times the height of the area to be treated.

Foggers do best when set standing straight up or propped up at an angle not to exceed 45 degrees. With only two feet of height in the crawl space the aerosol spray won't be able to float all the way to the back of the crawl space. The spiders are running from the pesticides and are hiding in the back corners.

A  pest control professional would use a fogger machine that would properly fill the space with aerosol or with a pesticide dust or both. You may want to consider calling for help.

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Sherrie Brock
02 Jan 2014, 23:17
I think my car has mites, anyway now I have been bitten throughout my arms and back. they itch so bad. I have put clear fingernail polish on them. What can I do for my house car and SELF !! please help !!!
Thank you, Sherrie
19 Jun 2014, 02:20
We saw a wolf spider in our house last night and killed it but what can we use to make sure we don't have anymore in our house?
26 Jul 2014, 20:31
What effects does bug bomb have on paper book, comic books, poster etc. my husband is a collector and is worried the chemicals will cause a reaction of some sort and damage the quality.
Ask the Exterminator
27 Jul 2014, 09:00
The bombs often contain pyrethroids and pyrethrins which are formulated with oils or petroleum distillates. These oils could damage paper.
Nicholas Knighten
30 Aug 2014, 06:39
Hey what's up? So recently, I bought a car from someone that has been sitting up under a tree at their house. So far, I have seen two spiders. I'm pretty sure that there's more. I want to GET RID of them. Any Suggestions?
Ask the Exterminator
30 Aug 2014, 08:55
Use glue boards to trap the spiders. Certainly, don't use a fogger inside the car. You'll live with the smell of pesticides forever.
11 Sep 2014, 11:38
Hello ,
I have a car in my garage along with random things like my gas cans ,lawn mower, gas grill , fridge , exc can I smoke bomb (fogger )the 1 car garage with out an explosion or do I have to remove the car and all the other stuff it would kind if defeat the whole idea
Ask the Exterminator
11 Sep 2014, 15:55
Foggers are mainly used for controlling flying insects. If it's crawling insects you are trying to control, you're using the wrong method. If you insist on using foggers you'll need to move your car out of the garage.
17 Sep 2014, 11:39
Hi, you suggested a few days ago that using a fogger in a cluttered garage is "the wrong method" for dealing with crawling insects (which makes sense). What's the right method? I need to move a LOT of boxes and junk around or out of my garage, and I'd prefer to lower the spider population BEFORE I start that project. Can anything be done? Or do I just move slow and keep a can of Raid with me?
30 Sep 2014, 12:33
How do I get black widows out of my car?
17 Oct 2014, 10:44
Monique I have black widows in the car, too. This is an old car that does not run. What do I do?

Looks like foggers are not the way to go but then what?

18 Oct 2014, 03:05
Hi I used a spider fogger in my 2 bedroom house and basement I used 6 cans and now I'm trying to figure out how dangerous is it I have two kids I cleaned up and whiped down everything but I'm still worried can my kids get sick of that? Help please thank you
Ask the Exterminator
18 Oct 2014, 07:39
That is a lot of material. You need to read the label. The product has a phone number that puts you in contact with the manufacturer. Call it to get your answer.
07 Nov 2014, 18:32
I recently found a black widow in my 2bedroom/1bathroom duplex home. I am worried due to my having 2 small children. Would you recommend hiring someone to spray or could I use a fogger? My concern with the fogger is the black widow/spiders might not be affected by the fogger along with having two small children who put EVERYTHING in their mouth. What would you recommend?
Ask the Exterminator
07 Nov 2014, 21:31
Fogging won't do much. Put out lots of flat glue board along baseboards. You might be able to capture it as it moves around.
13 Mar 2015, 18:49
I have a large storage unit full of cardboard boxes. Unfortunately, I found a few brown and black widow spiders, along with some babies. I use a good fogger for spiders (has a black widow on the box), and I use about 4 to 6 cans to cover the area of about 15 x 30 x about 10 ft high. Will this method kill them and the babies, if not kill their food source so they at least leave?
Ask the Exterminator
14 Mar 2015, 10:16
Trying to kill spiders with foggers is futile. They run from the fumes and they can shut down their breathing apparatus to escape the effects of the bombs. Rather, eliminate their hiding spaces by reducing clutter.
14 May 2015, 01:29
Hi what could i use to get rid of roaches in my car and how long do you think it would take?
23 Jun 2015, 13:02
I have a party smoke machine (like the ones used during Halloween). Can I use that as a fogger with insecticide to kill flying pest like mosquitoes?
Ask the Exterminator
25 Jun 2015, 11:29
Doubtful! The ingredients in the pesticides will probably foul the party smoke machine. Plus, pesticide foggers are burning some type of oil in order to produce the fog to carry the pesticide. That is not how your fog machine works.
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