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Skin Mites

Summary: Skin mite infestations of human habitats can be extremely difficult to control. The skin mites are microscopic and are difficult to capture so you can show them to someone. Consequently, no one wants to believe you have a mite infestation.

Kate from the United Kingdom writes:

I finally got an (insect) ID this month: Dermatophagoides Scheremetewskyi Bogdanow. It was the second mite that I researched, after Dermannysus gallinae.

I had my cats put down because of this. I threw away everything I owned, and all my clothes, twice. I have moved four times. It (the mite) is now living in my scalp, as well as my current house.


This mite burrows in the skin, similar to sarcoptes, is contagious, infects humans and pets. The ova to nymph (instar) stage is 8-14 days. It lives independently in the environment without a host (the only parasitical mite to do so). Adults can live up to 8 months without feeding. It evades topical treatments by re-entering the burrows, is commonly found in houses and public places, and currently, there is no known cure for the skin infection. Surfaces, clothing, pets and contact can all be vectors. Environments can become infested by infected inhabitants and inhabitants can get re-infected from their environment.

People in both the UK and US are reporting this to be a huge problem. I know of over 500 people who are trying to be rid of this thing. I know one man who says he has (been infested) for 20 years (since Viet Nam), and there are many people having infestations for 2 to 14 years. Some people have committed suicide over it; some have been institutionalized in mental hospitals.

Environmentally, folks have tried a arsenal of things to kill it including Permethrin, tetramethrin, pyrethrins, deltamethrin, carbamates, malathion, acetamiprid, sevin, mint oil (Victor), cypermethrin, cyfluthrin, phenothrin, resmethrin, pyrethroids, flumethrin, benzyl benzoate, and benzylkonium chloride. None of these have worked.

Ask the Exterminator note: Best success has been seen with products containing beta-cyfluthrin such as  Tempo SC Ultra  and Temprid SC.

I had my original apartment sprayed with permethrin 21.6%. That worked to clear it from my environment, but the apartment was re-infested again because I had it in my skin and did not know it. Strong permethrin also works.

Initial infection tends to be similar to flea bites, but since nothing is seen or found (as in my case), people assume it is fleas, and do the usual flea protocols and wait for autumn. I actually abandoned that apartment in September, moved, and then threw away everything I owned a month later. Moved again and again, and still have them. People are using flea protocols for laundering and increasing drying time to 2 hours.

Topically, people have tried these without success: malathion, permethrin, phenothrin, cyclomethecone, flower of sulphur soap/ointment, zinc, Ivermectin (veterinary topical for mites, etc), menthol, (the list is virtually endless). I even know of one woman who put a veterinary spot-on treatment on her scalp and left it on overnight. It contained 45% permethrin, and she wondered why her head felt burnt the next day. (This should give you a good idea of how desperate people get with this mite.) People have sprayed Raid on themselves, taken bleach baths, put kerosene, motor oil and roach killer directly on their skin. People say that the mites actually move the hair on their heads. It's true! They do. And many have gone to extreme measures to be rid of it.

Topically, people have reported marginal success, or temporary success using: benzyl peroxide, 10% sulfur ointment (if used daily), 5% permethrin (if used daily for 6 months).

Varying successes have been reported using oral meds; Ivermectin, some other anti-thelmetics, various antibiotics. The most success rates seem to be with dogs who are treated with Ivermectin, or another miticide from the Avermectin group (oral or injectables).

I have seen a doctor in the UK and am trying Ivermectin, long-term antibiotic therapy (3 months) and naltrexone for 3 months to get my immune system working again. I am unsure if any of these will work, but this doctor claims to have success with other patients for this problem. I'll see. 

I suspect that I got this infestation in July, but do not know the source. I can only say that it is a real nightmare to live with, and that if anyone can figure this out (cure and eradication) it should be me because I never give up on anything, and everyday I get up and try to do one impossible thing before breakfast. And I am failing miserably.

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21 Mar 2014, 19:16
I have this for almost a year and some days are worse than others. I have notice that germ-x is a relief for a while. So imt thinking germ-x and hydrogen peroxide are the key. But over time will cause damage to skin. All i know is that there has to be a cure seeing how common this becoming. The lotions and creams are a joke. They just want money. Also some are very dangerous. One of my doctors perscribed my child a medicine that she was too young for, when i looked it up it had cases of children dying or taking it. Pisses me off that doctors are so money hungry to risk a child's life. Ive heard some people claiming that a cup of bleach and a cup of peroxide in bath water can help if done periodically over time . Also vinegar is a temp relief. But for me the best one has been GERM-X!!!
01 Apr 2014, 21:11
Wow, so relieved to find this page and know we are not the only ones. I first noticed crawling & itching in my hair & on my scalp mainly at night. Tried everything others have tried and Dr.'s were of no help. After 2 visits to a derm was given a prescription in May 2013 for Clobetasol Propionate 0.05% Solution. Was told I have a type of dermatitis.It addressed the scalp & hair issue amazingly but a month later myself & everyone in our household started having a crawling & sometimes biting sensation on our skin in various places. Thought bedbugs since they are a nationwide problem but no evidence of them. No actual bug could be seen but a small black dot about the size of this(.) It could be pulled off the skin but wasn't easy and would bleed profusely and take weeks or longer to heal. Another trip to the doctor angered me. He said, Don't take the dot off if it bleeds. Just leave it there. No attempt to even try to find out what it is. It has now spread to anyone visiting our home on a regular basis. Visitors have taken samples of their dots(.)while they were covered with sores to their doctors and were told they need to see a psychiatrist because they have Morgellons. I don't know what bug the dots are, nor how to heal the bloody sores and crawling itch they cause but I know whatever it is, is spreading.
20 Apr 2014, 17:31
Dermatophagoides Scheremetewskyi Bogdanow...I'd like to know where there is more information on this. There is none other than on a birdmite site and some report (only one) from 1952. Please post where people can find legitimate information or studies about this mite. I know many people are having trouble being cured and there is a tremendous resistance out there with scabies, but making claims that cannot be substantiated is a terrible thing to do people when they are already besides themselves in desperation.
12 May 2014, 14:51
I am astonished: can't wrap my brain around the fact, that the medical community, centers for disease, etc. have not, or will not admit that this country obviously has a major problem, and even perhaps an epidemic situation coming on, with the thousands of sick, scared, hopeless individuals pleading for answers, and in need of a place to go for medical help. It's ridiculous in this day and time, to have to look to other countries for information, and medical treatment.

As I have stated before, I have been to doctors, so-called "specialists" county extension services, w/absolutely no help. If it weren't for sites like yours I would have, on several occasions considered ending my life. For me, it has been totally devastating. Your site has given me enough hope to keep trying.

I purchased a microscope, and HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who wants to know what we are dealing with. I'm in my 3rd year of the nightmare, and for the first time since became a host, I can see what is living off of me.

My little demons are mainly from the waist-upward, but mostly eyes nose eyebrows (what's left of them), and my scalp. I have knots on my brows, my eyelids stay swollen, and itch. My scalp stays covered with pimple-like bumps that last for weeks. In the past three months or so, I noticed my hair getting tangles, that won't comb out after shampooing, and applying a rinse. I have fine hair (what's left of it) so tangles have never been an issue...long story short- I bought a fine tooth comb. Starting @ the scalp I work it down to the ends, and discovered a very sticky brown almost glue-like substance entangled w/ the hair that inevitably wads up on the comb. I collect it, put it on clear tape. Under the microscope, I can see eggs, and the brown substance, and spider-looking (8 legged demons) Sounds crazy, but it is what it is. One more thing, and I'll finish up for now. I take a brawny (tight weave) white towel, soak it with rubbing alcohol, or peroxide, then gently rub my eyebrows back and forth twice. Grab the tape and pat it on the towel to pluck them off. Can't see them w/out the microscope, but the same spiders in numbers every time. Unmistakable. Thanks for letting me keeps me going !!
Sleepless in Seattle
16 May 2014, 02:01
I agree with you all whatever these are they are very very real. I got these mites last year in July while visiting Paris. I had no idea what they were but after a week of no sleep because I was being tortured by some almost invisible bugs that were crawling all over me and biting I thought I would lose my mind. Now it is almost a year later and I am still infested. I somehow brought these things home with me and I have tried everything to get rid of them. I have literally bathed in straight bleach, Windex, ammonia, vinegar, tea tree oil, hot pepper oil, hydrogen peroxside, clorox cleaning spray, dawn liquid soap (which does seem to work for a bit if you let it dry on your skin, but it will cause your skin to become insanely dry and cracked) orange oil (wouldn't recommend it will give you insane chemical burns) i have tried every household cleaner, bug killer, lotion you can think of. The person above that mentioned the vicks is sort of correct. It will give you a momentary reprieve but they will be all over you the second it rubs off. I threw away my bed, all my bedding a ton of clothes, have spent thousands on cleaners and tape, etc., and nothing has gotten rid of them. I literally shower twice a day, I washed ALL my bedding everyday sometimes twice a day, I will leave all my clothes in the dryer for hours and it does nothing. I have washed ALL my clothing in bleach (even colors) just to try and kill them and I have covered every inch of my body in tape and wood glue to see if that helped. Vaccuming repeatedly, washing all bedding and clothing repeatedly and taking xanax at night to help sleep does work a little, but it certainly has not killed them. I used to have beautiful skin and not a mark on my body. Now i have scars all over me and I look like some crazy crackhead or as the person above said a leper. I run a lint roller over myself and my clothes, bedding, chairs, couch etc., over and over and over again. My family I have told think I'm insane and that it's all in my head. But you can feel them on you, you can feel them crawling, you can feel them biting and you can feel them when you scrape them off or dig them out of your skin. It feels like lil tiny grains of salt or sand under your fingers. I now keep a candle lit next to me at all times so if I feel them I get them with the tips of my fingers and as carefully as I can throw them into the flame or hot wax. It again has in no way eradicated the problem, but it does help a bit. I have read everything online and this is the first forum where people at least admitted nothing works. All the pages like "" were they say they don't live or feed on humans and don't or won't live in your skin is utter rubbish. You can feel them in your skin and you can see and feel when they lay their eggs in there. My house, my car and even my office are infected. To the person above who said people have committed suicide over these things I can see why. I feel like I am going insane. My job is failing because I literally can't sit there for 8 hrs without wanting to claw all my skin off and run screaming out the doors. I only get a few hours of sleep a night and my personality has changed drastically because I am always tired and irritable. I had read once that they cannot survive in a dry arid environment, and they don't like air conditioning. Unfortunately I live in a very wet, humid place so I have no reprieve as this is where they seem to thrive. I am also afraid my dog has them now too. I'm afraid to let anyone come to my house or ride in my car because I'm afraid of them catching these things. It's summertime now and I'm embarrassed to even take my clothes off and wear a bikini because I have scars all over my body. I am also afraid because they seem to thrive more in hot, damp sweaty conditions. They also seem to 'attack' more where your body makes contact with other things, like your waist band, your bra straps, ankles where your socks touch, bands of underwear etc. I also noticed that they attack more when I have lotion. makeup or something similar on. They will also attack more on whatever side of your body is touching the mattress or pillow. Arid Extra Dry the aerosol kind does seem to work on them temporarily, but it's very expensive and only temporary. They seem to burrow into your skin more when you have anything on your skin like if you spray deoderant all over your body or put vicks vapor rub all over you. It doesn't kill them it makes them go in deeper then attack more the second the stuff is wearing off your skin. I have no idea how to get rid of them but have seriously thought about burning my house and everything in it down to the ground as well. Of course that wouldn't even work because they are on me and in my skin and wherever I go I will just reinfect it. I'm beyond at my wits end. I even quit seeing my boyfriend because I don't want him getting them and I'm embarrassed about what they've done to my body and my home. I am truly Sleepless in Seattle and I'm willing to try anything to get rid of them for good! I am in the process of bug bombing my house, then throwing away every piece of clothing, drapery, bedding and furniture that I can, packing everything else I own and plan to leave it in storage for as long as possible, a year if I have to. I am also moving to a new place with air conditioning. I'm just afraid that these will just go with me to the new place or the second I open one of those boxes that have been in storage it will start all over again. I truly don't know what to do.
19 May 2014, 13:08
Hi Sleepless in Seattle!
Here's a few tips that actually do work:
(I'm assuming your problem is the same as mine) Its about making their lives a misery rather than yours. This way their numbers will drop, and keep dropping. Give them nowhere to live.

1) diatomaceous earth (food grade).
2) ammonia.
3) gas mask & goggles.
4) polyester clothing.
5) fake leather sofa.
6) No carpet.
7) heated and vented linen cupboard.
8) Boilable bedding (whites).
9) "Pest Pistol"

Start by changing what you wear. Minimise cotton and other natural materials. Wear polyester sports clothes, loose fitting.

Get a scuba tub XL (107L) to seal clothes in. Put 1 litre ammonia to 10 litres water in this tub and immerse clothing for a week. Use the gas mask and goggles and washing up gloves so the ammonia doesn't affect you (its dangerous), and keep the doors and windows open to vent the air.

Bring out clothing after a week and wash on any temperature. Most bugs will be dead. Wear the clothing etc, return to dip after one week. Keep repeating this sequence. Throw out any excess of textiles.

Place clothing in thin piles only in a dry dry dry linen cupboard (I miss out this step but its good if you can put it in).

Strip the bed. Throw away and replace the duvet for as small a one as you can manage (eg single 4.5 tog), this can then be placed in the ammonia dip. I'd advise running 2 ammonia dips, one with bedding, one with clothing.

Boil wash the whites, boil wash everything you can. This helps, but drying in the dryer does not usually.

Buy a "Pest Pistol" to put the diatomaceous earth (DE) in. Make sure the DE you buy is food grade otherwise it can damage your lungs. It cuts up the exoskeletons of these bugs. they then dehydrate and die. Put this everywhere possible, I 100% found this to be effective. The pest pistol is essential otherwise you end up using lots of DE which is totally wasteful and messy! You can fine mist a room (which initially is like a fog but when settled nobody even notices).

Good luck. Here's my email:
29 May 2014, 16:43
Does anyone know the scientific name for these mites?
Ask the Exterminator
15 Jul 2014, 13:30
I received this email recently from someone who has had bird mite issues. Hope it helps.:

I have found a way to slow them down is to mix pinesol and water in a pump sprayer and cover everything! It is quick cheap and smells good. To completely clean my home would take forever. Its like mowing a football field with a push lawnmower.

Mites have been bugging me for years.
Recent research has led me to believe that my body immune system is weakened and my skin is super sensitive. My new spring cleaning has to be internally. By improving on a healthy diet is the KEY! An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Chemically speaking, Fresh foods that keep your body PH levels alkaline are best. New studies say that even cancer cells can not grow in a alkaline body.
The cure is at the fruit and vegetable market. Lemon water and cider vinegar will clean inside and out.
11 Oct 2014, 23:14
I have just recently become infested with these mites and am searching for a solution. It's miserable.

There is a new way of treating Bed Bugs, using heat of about 120 degrees for about 4 hours in a house. They recommend the people stand in the heat for a time too. It's supposed to kill adults and larvae all at once and doesn't need to be done again.

Does anyone know if this would kill the mites? Would extreme heat kill them?
12 Oct 2014, 10:00
Hi Lois, try putting an infested clothing item in the oven to test first. Thats a controlled environment. I can't get rid of these things. Look up Richard Khuns and Andy Coyle and BT cotton and GMO biopest control cotton nematodes... I find they are in new cotton clothing and so I wear gym gear and sleep in a sleeping bag to avoid them as its polyester. Good luck.
21 Dec 2014, 20:10
Hi everyone. My symptoms: when I lay down to sleep in bed, 5 to 10 minutes later, I feel something crawling through my hair on my scalp. In the morning, I wake up with new bites on my scalp and/or face (usually on the sides of my nostrils), usually daily. I find new solid dark brown pellets 1/2 mm diameter on my bed sheet, usually daily.

I sent a pellet (think it's bug fecal matter from after they ingest my blood) to to run a dna test. It came back as acari (mite or tick). They do not have tests to discern what type of mite or tick from there, unfortunately. I did have them run against many other things, which all came back Negative for the following: Cimex Species, Dust Mites, Bed Bugs, Head/Body/Pubic Lice, Fleas, Collembola, Demodex Mites, Dermestic, Dermanhyssus Mite, Notoedres Mites, Otodectes Mites, Ornithonyssus Mite, Pyemotes, Scabies.

I am going to an infectious disease doctor tomorrow, and will keep everyone posted. Like everyone else, this has been an absolute nightmare for me socially and financially.
22 Dec 2014, 22:30
Hi all, again. This is a follow-up from yesterday's email. I went to the infectious disease doctor today, with bug fecal matter and an insect I pulled off my ankle. He said the insect looked like a mite. He also said he's only ever treated one patient with mites that were not scabies before, and had seen a lot of patients with scabies. He prescribed 5% permethrin lotion for me to put on all of my skin (not in my eyes) before bed and to wash it off in the morning, and to repeat that in 7 days. He also said to launder my bed sheets in hot water with clorox and dry on hot before using. He did not think I needed to do anything further to my home environment.

He said this worked for the only other patient he'd seen with non-scabies mites. He is not sure what kind of mite it is. He was demeaning toward me about the bug fecal matter, noting he didn't believe that's what it was. Well, I think he is mistaken - fleas, bed bugs and spiders (mites are a type of spider) do leave fecal matter around. Plus, a diagnostic lab analyzed it and found acari dna - unfortunately for me, they don't have the capability to delve any deeper to determine which species of acari, nor if it's a mite vs a tick. I'm going to my local entomology extension with that insect and bug fecal matter, and how they can give a clearer identification.
23 Dec 2014, 05:06
Hi Acari, Thank you so much for your updates. They have been helpful and hopeful. How did you get referred to an infectious disease doctor? Couldn't a regular doctor have given a prescrip. for 5% permethrin? Can so relate to the demeaning doctor. Higher degree equals less respect for human beings, I think. Have read on numerous sites that permethrin only works for your body but that mites have to be cleared from the environment or the problem continues. Have you tried using Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) to treat your home? Please continue to keep us posted. Thanks :)
08 Feb 2015, 04:04
I am wondering where to find more information about parasites from India. How to the East Indians handle them, Neem? That stuff smells so bad. I would like to comment that I broke two expensive vacuum cleaners using diatamacious earth (DE). It is so fine it screws up the mechanism. Also, breathing in any kind of DE, including food grade will cause irreversible havoc in human lungs. It did not do much for killing the bugs, my family is now terrified of even bath powder on the floor, sigh. However, DE (food grade only) is good to take by mouth to kill internal parasites. I believe I have the mites both inside and outside.
11 Feb 2015, 01:33
Hi Maureen,
I don't know anything about East Indians or how they handle mite problems and have never used Neem either. I do know diatamacious earth (food grade) will kill them in your home, work area, & car. You have to use a fine duster to spray the DE, like you would use for dusting rose bushes. Put on a dust mask while doing the dusting and leave while it settles. If you spread to much DE on your floors, it will mess up you vacuum for good. I used an old 1950's Kirby to vacuum mine up with no issues.
I think my body inside/outside & hair hold more mites than anywhere in my home. So I am on a mission to address all areas at once. That is what this website says has to be done in order to rid yourself of them. Please copy & paste this website for more info. than I can explain here. Praying & working hard to rid us of this mite nightmare.
Sleepless in Seattle
12 Mar 2015, 20:53
Hi everyone, just an update that I'm not cured yet, it will be 2 years next month that I've been infested by these. I now have scars and sores all over my body from them and my skin is starting to get all dry and cracked and scaly. I have tried a few more "cures." I believe that these mites are essentially the same as "Norwegian Crusted Scabies" And "Sarcoptic Mange". I've also wondered why I am infected but others around me are not and it seems that there is some correlation between an immune deficiency and these? I'm unsure if that is true, but could be a possibility.

Here are a few articles I found earlier, I am trying a few new products at the same time so hopefully they work. I will post more if successful.

Sarcoptic Mange Treatment for Humans

Let your doctor evaluate the symptoms. Only a doctor will be able to rule out the possibility of other skin conditions. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment can help control the disease. Here are some medicines that are helpful in treating sarcoptic mange in humans.

➺ Permethrin 5% is the best cure for severe sarcoptic mange. It kills the mites on the surface of the skin, and helps reduce itching and irritation. A single application of this cream is enough to cure the disease. It must be left on the body for at least 15 hours at a stretch. Follow the instructions on the label and those given by your doctor, as extended use of the cream could cause harmful side effects.

➺ Malathion is another popular remedy for this disease. It needs to stay on the body for about 24 hours to stay effective.

➺ Lindane is an ointment that is recommended for patients who have not been cured by the use of Permethrin 5%.

➺ Crotamiton is an ointment that does not cure the disease, but provides some much-needed relief from the itching sensation.

➺ Neem oil is also said to be very effective in treating this disease, but there are no scientific backings to the effectiveness of this antidote.

➺ The doctor may prescribe an oral anti-parisitic medication such as ivermectin. When consumed in proper doses, it will make your skin a less desirable environment for the mites. It will kill them internally. However, to prevent undesirable side effects of the medicine, you should follow the instructions regarding the dosage and duration strictly.

Read more at Buzzle:

Sleepless in Seattle
27 May 2015, 11:45
It's been many months since my last post. I've tried a battery of OTC lotions, shampoos, pesticides, internal cleanses etc. I am in my fourth year of this fight, and my heart goes out to all who can relate.

I am not cured, and don't know if I ever will be, but my symptoms and quality of life have improved.

You have to make changes in your overall health/diet, while making an inhospitable environment for the parasites/mites. I hope the following helps some of you.

Black walnut/wormwood mixed w/ just a little water to get it down. Take this when you 1st wake on an empty stomach. It's nasty, but strong meds against parasites. Wait an hour before eating or drinking anything. Then do this....

Blend fresh papaya, fresh pineapple, and plain yogurt to make a smoothie. I add cinnamon, and Lugols iodine solution (start with just 2 drops)Each are strong antiparasitics.

Ivermectin is the a broad spectrum treatment for parasites. I have had no side affects from it. It is prescription med, but you can get it from any farm/home supply, tractor supply, and I order it from Amazon. It's the exact same as you would get if you could find a doctor to care. The dosage is based on weight. I have been on it for a year. My parasite burden has lessened considerably. Because my environment is infested as well as myself, it's an ongoing treatment instead of a one-time dose. Take it twice daily.

"Safe-guard" Fenbendazole. Same suppliers. It crosses the blood barrier for brain issues. No side affects for me. Weight-based.
DONT TAKE BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. Start with Ivermectin.

Cut your sugar intake. None is better. I use honey when I have to have a sugar fix.

Olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin c, fresh better foods. Lots of water.

For my hair/scalp I use organic cold pressed coconut oil and a few drops of the Lugols with a dab of Ivermectin. Leave it in at least an hour. Rinse with a mixture of apple cidar vinegar, a teaspoon of peroxide, warm water and a couple of drops of Dawn. DONT GET TI IN YOUR EYES. Then shampoo. I use Equate Pyrithione Zinc dandruff shampoo. (compared to Head and Shoulders) Pyrithione is key.

I also pour a capful of Equate Listerine on my scalp sometimes. Rub it in scalp and through hair, then rinse. It feels amazing.

I hope this helps someone. Getting your body in a better condition to fight this will help tremendously. Hope is key to this whole nightmare, and I wish you all the best.
27 May 2015, 11:59
I forgot to mention another important part of the "getting better" protocol.....get outside and get fresh air. Don't dwell on the situation, as it will consume you. Your state of mind is as important as the your physical situation. You need sunshine, and while your at it...smell the roses !!
Depressed Mommy
12 Jun 2015, 05:09
Great advice B.
I've discovered I had "this" about 2 months ago..and pretty much diagnosed myself with Demodex mites.. I saw a Dermatologist immediately, but she was very apathetic to my concerns, and prescribed me 1 tube of 'elimite' cream to apply head to toe "sparingly".. She then proceeded to inform my husband that I "probably had some type of dermatitis", but either way, not to be concerned, because "if" by chance I did have Demodex, they were NOT contagious..
I then sought an appt. with a different Derm. and she prescribed me oral Ivermectin and topical Ivermectin (Soolantra). Although, she too showed very little interest with my concerns, and also suggested to my husband that my fears were futile, as she also stated that if it were Demodex, not to worry, as they were 'not' contagious.. Ten days later at my follow-up appt. I showed her the dozens of new (black, brown, & red) moles suddenly appearing on my body regularly, that hadn't been there the week before. She shrugged it off, and assured me that it was normal and "common" for new moles to appear at anytime...
I also informed her that I STILL had the Demodex, and contrary to what she believes, I had apparently given them to my 9yr. old daughter, who is now suffering, as well as having new "moles" appear (daily/weekly.). She looked at her PA (with "disbelief", as if I were crazy), and then proceeded to inform my husband that there was 'nothing' wrong with me. That my "moles" were just moles; and even if I 'did' originally have Demodex, after 3 days of being on the Ivermectin, I would definetly be 100% HEALED; She proceeded to state that if I weren't satisfied with her 'diagnosis', there was nothing more she could provide, and told my husband that she would happily refer me to see either an Infectious Disease Dr., or a Mental Health Specialist.. ??
I've tried relentlessly to schedule an spot. with infectious Disease, however, due to the "report" that she sent them, stating that I have "parasite psychosis", they refuse to see me. I now have "bites" ALL OVER MY BODY. Hundreds of them! I look like a leper. My daughter has them too.
Everything I have read online, I am putting to use:
-Rid Lice treatment
-50% TTO & Sweet Almond oil
-Cocnut oil
-Nerm oil
-Sea Buckthorn oil
-Pine oil
- Clove oil
-Peppermint oil (natural spider repellant)
-Castor oil
- Diatomaceous earth
- Calamine lotion
-Rubbing alcohol
-MSM Capsules
-Olive Leaf capsules
-Walgreens T Plus shampoo (as body treatment)
-TTO shamp & cond
-NuStock cream (Amazon)- {73% sulfur}
-Bleach baths w/ menthol & eucalyptus Epson salt
-Oatmela baths
-Boric acid on carpets
-Washing bedding daily
-Spraying mattress with Rid and/or Adams flea & tick spray
-Bleaching EVERYTHING daily
STILL.... I (we) have had little relief.... and seems like we're just getting worse daily.
Getting little to no sleep... Feeling desperate.
Losing hope.
VERY, VERY depressed...
If anyone can advice, or recommend ANYTHING, I would GREATLY appreciate!!!
12 Jun 2015, 09:07
To: Depressed Mommy....

I know exactly how you feel. Don't lose's really important try to stay busy doing positive things. I know this is hell on earth, but you can't let it take you down. Get out of your house as much as possible. Find a place to swim/cool off. I feel a bunch better as soon as I walk out my door.
If you live anywhere close to the ocean, or if you can afford a weekend trip to the beach, salt water is the best healer for your skin, and the beach is good for the soul as well. I don't have even a weekend access to the ocean, so I use sea salt every other day. I mix it with a bucket of water, and pour it over my head/face as soon as I get in the shower. I can tell it helps, because it stings just a little where these bastards bite me.

I truly believe someone is going to find an answer to our suffering, so you have to hang tough, for yourself and your daughter. There are going to be a lot more people dealing with this (I figure many are already suffering and are too embarrassed or don't know where to turn) If enough of us can communicate with each other, and help support one another, maybe we can collectively make some noise. We owe it to ourselves, and our children/grandchildren to find answers, and eradicate this thing.

My house is once again, full of the gnats...I guess they are drain gnats. They land on me, and they bite. I know they are part of this issue, for me anyway. Nothing kills them.

You can contact me any time, if you need to talk, vent, whatever. My other half knows there is an issue, but refuses to deal with it, so I'm alone in the battle. If you would like...I'll give you my email address or phone number. I hope this helps some.....hang in there.
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