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Mite Infestation

Summary: If you think you have gone over the edge with your mite infestation, read this person’s account of how she combats her personal mite battle.

A visitor to Ask the Exterminator writes:

I have had success with a regimen of a shower in the morning when I get up and another before bed. During my morning shower is use Denorex on my hair and body. Then, I apply Dr. Woods Tea Tree oil after the shower. I dry off and apply Gold Bond Body Lotion (the green bottle). Then, I use JR Watkins Pain Relieving Liniment. I spray Off Deep Woods all over.

In the evening my shower consists of using Denorex on my hair and body.  Then, I take a cup of Epsom salts and, making sure my hands are wet, I dip my index finger into salts and put it down my throat, drinking the shower water to swallow the Epsom salts.


I put my wet index and middle fingers into Epsom salts and stick them into my nose. While shower water is running onto my hand, I put my nose in my hand with the water and blow the salts out into the water. You have to feed the water into your nose.  I use a vaporizer to keep them out of my lungs.

I wash the bedding with bleach, Tide, Borax and a half cup of blue Dawn. Some days I soak the bedding all day until I get home from work.  I microwave my clothes one at a time. Denim jeans I cook at level 8 for 20 seconds. Be sure to cover up the metal zipper. Long sleeved shirts I microwave at level 8 for 30 seconds. Brassieres get a 10 second shot at level 8. I wait till their cool, then given them a second blast for 10 seconds on level 7. You have to roll the hook side under the clasp side and then roll the whole bra into a long cigar shape. Socks and underpants go at level 8 for 30 seconds. Sheets and blankets also get a treatment one at a time for 45 seconds at level 8. Be sure to take out the plate for the blankets.

I spray rubbing alcohol onto plastic covers on the bed and pillow, and then put the bedding on. I also found if I spray rubbing alcohol into the heat ducts, the black specks are far and few between.

I soak shoes in rubbing alcohol in a dish pan overnight. Rinse and let dry. I have been wrapping my feet in Glad Cling Wrap and then putting my tights/trouser socks/gym socks over the cling wrap. I noticed a great difference with my feet.

I let of a Hot Shot bug bomb every 3 days in my apartment. I also treat the car with the small orange Raid can. I cover up the plastic speedometer with a plastic bag and then cover that with a towel. I always heat the car up first.


Best thing I found is Compound W for bumps caused by bites. I can apply the stuff onto a finger, then onto the bumps on my buttocks, back, arms, etc.

I had a teardrop shaped shell "planted" on the inside of my arm near the elbow. It was hard and grew when I scratched it. I knew there were eggs inside so I used a small knife. I heated the point with a match to cauterize the hard shell. It took a few days of doing this a couple times a day, but then I finally broke through and that shell depleted itself. I squeezed the area and a creamy whitish substance squirted out, kind of like a pimple. I treat it with ear drops and eye drops whenever I feel critters moving around.

I cannot have family over to my house. I’ve had three bird's nests infest my place. I opened a screened window on a nice summer day last year and presto, in came those black specks. I stay clear of people who want to hug. I don't want them to get this. I see the black specks on toilet paper, in tissue boxes, on bathroom counters, on bathtub walls, and even in hotel rooms. I know a lot of people are going through all this. We all need help. These insects make me tired and my body starts to ache. Will this ever end?

Ask the Exterminator writes:

I hope for your sake it stops before your skin falls off.

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26 Apr 2012, 09:46
It has been 8 months now since I discovered these black specs, reddish things, and the cotton oval shapes with a tail assuming that is larvae. I have cleaned out all cabinets and drawers in the house. My husband has been bitten the most and has the black specs on his side of the bed when I check in the morning. I too have bombed the rooms, taken all furniture out of the room that has been most effected and cleaned from top to bottom with alcohol and eucalyptus solution. All laundry is washed in hot water with detergent, borax and bleach if white. They soak for a couple of hours first before putting on the full wash. I have started to bag the clothes after they are washed as to not infect them again. I have been trying to mop and vacuum everyday as one person really made a difference when doing so. It’s not only hard work it takes hours to do this. I am beside myself and feel like I have lost my life. Patience is a virtue that I'm quickly loosing. Help!!! I heard of a dust product that you can use in the walls that has been effective. Do you know what that is? People who have used exterminators have been unsuccessful and the 6 exterminators who came to our house saw nothing except organic matter which tells me they do not deal with this situation as it is a long journey to finally get rid of them.

Ask the Exterminator
28 Apr 2012, 09:30
No where in your description of your problem have you mentioned what kind of insect you have in your home. Pest control starts with identification. You may never control the problem until you collect some of the insects and get them properly identified.
RN Mom
09 May 2012, 14:37
I experienced the itchy crawling scalp too. Tea tree oil was the only product that could give me 6-8 hrs of relief. I used clear scotch packing tape to identify my curse.Quickly-when I could feel the tiny army moving south from my scalp,I slapped a strip of tape on my forehead then slowly peeled it off.I added a clean strip over the sticky side making a crude slide to view under magnification.Finally I identified the demodex mite.I vacuum daily.Covered pillows & beds with bed bug proof cases & wash them every 2-3 days and add 1/2 cup Borax to every load of laundry (set to sanitize for hottest H2O) I realized I needed to act as if this was worst-case scenario(a case of bedbugs). When I resumed my daily antibiotics for rosacea I noticed the nightly army vanished. I don't think I'm 100% rid of these devils, I've only fought them back within normal/manageable #'s.Take care in who you consult for help and web pages touting cures.I found this article helpful FYI, 7 days with no sleep will make anyone dillusional and kill even the best immune system. Do what you must to get some sleep.
Thank you for all your advice & time spent manageing this site.I found this page while I was looking for some truth concerning springtails.90% of the info I found online was pure BS. How do exterminators ensure they don't transplant nasty buggies into their home enviroment?
14 Sep 2012, 20:56
I'm pretty sure my mother has some type of mute. The company who told her and treated her for bed bugs can't identify the mite. Help? I anyone willing to talk or email with her or myself? Or know where we can send a sample? I'm afraid she's going to go crazy!
Ask the Exterminator
17 Sep 2012, 21:22
Take your insect sample to your local county extension agent for a free ID.
10 Nov 2012, 12:13
How do You kill these mites and their larva or eggs? How do I post a photo of them?
28 Jan 2013, 03:01
No one on this blogg is crazy!!!! %The drs. or others who dont believe you?! They probably don't know cause they pay some exterminator to deal with it & s maid to up So how many drs. REALLY ARE AWARE OF WHATS IN THEIR HOUSE ANYWAY!"? IF THEY ARE all say IM A CLEAN OFFICE ALL DAY, I GUESS THEY THINK CLEAN IS ONLY WHAT THEY SEE?!? Then hand your Doc a mag. Glass or your fam. member & show them the tiny mite bars thats right near the taco shell of eggs in those corners of his cormer office!! Lol There must be a MITE CLUB
Im tired From rollin'.those creepy lil mites!

Let's ROLL!!!!!!!! EM
01 Feb 2013, 07:24
if you have your house fumigated would air purifiers keep mites out. we have grain bins beside our house and believe we may have corn mites. onE of us has a terrible itchy rash but no one else has any signs
25 Oct 2013, 22:30
MITE INFESTATION: the following are some suggestions-use what you feel may be safe and helpful to you. It can be extremely difficult to get things under control, full elimination requires great luck, however mites are easy to kill, that is, spraying original windex kills them, tea tree oil repels them, original Lysol concentrate with O-Benzyl-p-chlorophenol is great for using while moping wooden floors, of course dilute the Lysol solution before mopping, don't spray with this Lysol if you are sensitive, it stings your eyes, and irritates your nasal passages and throat, it kills and repels the insects from the wood floors, it may be available at your local Walmart,some people recommend spraying tiled floors with chlorinated pool water, which can kill the mites, the other thing is scrub yourself with a scrubbing mitt after soaping yourself, also do steam clean floors and any other surfaces. the mites are great jumpers, they can climb up walls,some people like using predator mites Hypoaspis Aculeifer or H. miles, they don't bite humans but eat the eggs of the mites. research this mite. D-limonene based cleaners can help by breaking down the mites and their eggs, some recommend taking two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with two tea spoons of honey twice a day at meal times to repel insects from biting you. bodarc apple aka horse apples repel insects. I saw a youtube video of someone using a fogger to spray vaporized food grade mineral oil to kill mites that infest bees, this may be an idea to consider, also Horticultural oil with paraffin can be used to smother eggs and mites, but spray with caution, don't slip on the floor after spraying. consider applying on your body Avon skin so soft, it repels and kills insects. taking a few drops of certain essential oils like clove oil, oregano oil, cinnamon cassia bark oil, red thyme oil, rosemary oil in a glass of water can help prevent bites, research this. One more thing-a new extremely cold spray, I believe it is dry ice or carbon dioxide snow, for bed bugs has been added to the arsenal of tools, it may help bird mite infestations too.
Wish you the best of luck.
Paige Davenport
24 Nov 2013, 11:22
I too am suffering with some unknown mite infestation. My family and I moved into a house about 10 months ago. About a month after moving in my head began to itch like crazy. Went to dr. No I didnt have lice. The dr. Said allergic reaction maybe? Shortly after I would get strange rashes, creepy crawly sensation on my legs, and pin prick sensations. Like something was biting me. Then I noticed small black specs on bed sheets and my skin. Then glitter looking specs everywhere. I mean everywhere. The entire house, outside the house, in my car, and finally my skin. I freaked out of coarse. Dermatoligist suggested I was crazy! How does one just wake up crazy? No one else, my spouse or 2kids have been affected. I have spent countless $$ on pesticides and treaments. Nothing works!! The eaves of the house were infested with bird nests. Finally about 3 months ago we moved. Finally I thought, I would be rid of it. Everyone says remove the source and the bird mites will retreat. They cant live without bird blood meal. NOT TRUE!!! They have nested in me. All I did was bring them to our new home. I checked, theres not a bird nest in site. They are living off of me now!! Can someone please help me. I want to just die sometimes. My life has been taken from me. I cannot function normally anymore. Cant even get in my own care without getting eat up. No one else is bothered. I feel them crawling in my hair. I can see tiny, white specs on strands of my hair. I feel like a mass ofthem are moving down my neck to my back. Then I find black specks and shiny things on skin. Elimite didnt work. It decreased activity for about 3days then they got worse. How are they surviving and obviously reproducing without a bird bloodmeal? I need answers. Please.
12 Dec 2013, 22:24
Bird mites where identified by 2 exterminators! The exterminators came in and sprayed a chemical that we couldn't be around until 4 hours later! Our roof on outside was also sprayed! Attic was sprayed. Any nests where taken down and destroyed and all landscape treated! This was all last spring when it started and now winter I still have bird mites! We have bought most of your mite products and used per label- still have bird mites in the cold of winter! Since all this I laundry in borax, vacuum twice a day, dog is treated with revolution, all mattresses in plastic. Still I get bitten numerous times, what of your products work? These are bird mites and cannot get rid of! Just got a new car with leather seats and park away from house and noticing some in that even with your strips in it! Help?
21 Aug 2014, 05:14
I can't tell you the hell I've been through with these "BLACK SPOTS". I lost everything, and at one point, became homeless and lived on the streets, and I'M A SENIOR CITIZEN!! The only help I got from doctors was that I was 'NUTS' and was committed 4 times and put on all these horrible drugs. Then I would get out, go back to wherever I was staying, and the black dots were still there! I know now I have a mite problem, and they went with me in my clothes, etc. They seem to be everywhere anyway, it's just that they don't seem to bother a lot of people, just us "lucky" ones. Terminex has been fighting them for me (I'm in an Asst.Living Apartment), and they just put down some insect glue traps. It says on the thing that it eradicates mites, so I'm just gonna wait and see. If nothing else, at least I have people here that believe me and have seen them, and the exterminator believes me. Please pray that this exterminator FINALLY KNOWS WHAT TO DO ABOUT MY PROBLEM. In the meantime, I use Phen-Mor (prescription) and Cutters insect spray without DEET (I've used too much of it, this has been going on now for almost 3 years! Good luck and I'm gonna be watching this site for ideas, or posting if I have anyl
15 Oct 2014, 21:09
wash body and hair with mixture of toilet hand washing liquid soap and comet powder, the comet powder and liquid soap combination is key, avoid if you have very sensitive skin, wash with this combination every day, better to wash twice a day, avoid getting into eyes, also every day preferably wash clothes and bed sheets, pillow cases, linens in hot water with your favorite laundry soap, run dry for at the least sixty minutes in clothes dryer, spraying undiluted horticultural grade vinegar is a possible solution for surfaces, it is very strong stuff, it can kill small animals too, also extremely cold and hot temperatures can also possibly kill mites. hope this helps.
28 Jul 2015, 16:18
I have a protocol that I used for 3 years that addressed the inside and outside of the body, and the environment. Nothing I used was chemical, but healthy products to protect the immune system. I did days of research to find healthy alternatives and worked mainly on building my immune system and reducing anything that contained starch or sugar. Once I realized that healthy people didn't get attacked, I worked on that aspect.
Yes, I still had to clean daily for 3 years and get rid of upholstered pieces. I slept on a blow-up mattress as well. I made it my mission to overcome, but in a healthy way.
I'm writing this because I see so many destroying their health. (Exactly what mites go for) I just want to encourage you all to go to sites that promote healthy approaches. You have to control your emotions and use your brain. I about lost it at first, literally, but when I began to approach it like animals have to do, then don't allow themselves to suffer emotionally or mentally...they just deal with it through logic and moving on with their lives. When I let go of the psychological suffering, 70% of suffering was gone. The suffering comes from thinking we didn't deserve this; what did we do wrong; this isn't fair, etc...Shit happens. We have to live our lives as joyfully as possible, in spite of it all.
Let me know if I can help. It is the most challenging thing I've ever had to do and I do understand.
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