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A reader asks : How do I get rid of grain weevils once I find the source that they laid their eggs in?  I have them all over my house and need to know the quickest way to get rid of them.

Dear Reader: Inspection! Inspection! Inspection! That is the key to getting rid of pantry pests like weevils. Proper identification of the insect is also critical. I am a little bothered that you say you have found grain weevils all over your house. Pantry pests like the grain weevil are usually found in kitchens. Be sure you know what you are trying to control before you start your treatment regiment. Make sure you are not targeting grain weevils when you should be trying to control carpet beetles.

I'm sure you now know that various types of grain insects are included (free of charge) in the manufacturing and packaging process. If you allow grain products including cereals, pasta, certain spices, flour, rice and any other boxes of grains to sit undisturbed in your pantry for years (like we all do), you are bound to get a pantry pest infestation. The result is opening and


inspecting everything, looking for those small insects. I recommend using a large white bowl and slowly pouring the suspected infested materials into it. Any insects immediately stand out against the contrasting background of the white bowl.

Many people go through their pantries and fail to open sealed, never-opened boxes of product. Pantry pests like weevils can easily eat through the protective cellophane wrappers. They can also slip under box flaps and eat their way through the glue that holds the box closed. If you don't open everything you are destined to repeat this process in the near future.
Once opened and inspected and it is confirmed that no infestation exists, you can pour your grains into sealable containers that you can purchase in any grocery store. Screw top glass jars also work.
Once everything is cleared off the pantry shelves, thoroughly vacuum all cracks and crevices. You can treat the cracks and crevices using a liquid insecticide that includes your particular pest on its label. That is a very important point. Read the label and follow the label instructions.

Ask Rick A Question


30 Apr 2009, 18:56
I found what to me is grain weevils in my house. I got rid of all the grain in the house. What other thing do I need to do to make sure that they are gone?
Penny Moyer
02 Sep 2009, 19:12
After vacuuming, spraying with an insecticide, washing the cupboards, and putting all foods into plastic I found the weevil repeatedly (every 2 months for 6 months) on the cupboard shelves. Whats next?
17 Oct 2009, 20:10
Try wiping down shelves with vinegar.
31 Oct 2009, 07:02
I found snout weevils at our new house 5 days after we moved into it, we brought the exterminator nad he sprayed the house 8 days ago and till date we still see these creatures deae on the floor, but they never end, we have looked everywhere but cannot dtermine the source of contamination
Johnson George
01 Feb 2010, 02:57
what is the remedy for veevil(India-Kerala rubber tree litter beetle Luprops tristis Fabricius){Tenebrionidae; Coleoptera}
25 Apr 2012, 22:47
After finding out my children had scabies went all out cleaning and spraying insecaside to make sure all was clear then for the heck of it did kitchen too but discovered something differrent. Old wooden cabinet we didn't use for years had a few bags of beans that were shriveled up and though had seen very few weavles the shelves were covered in like a fine sawdust. Do weavles eat into wood? No sign of termittes. Seen those before. Threw everything out but wondering after spraying hotshot over entire cabinet for weavles and ants if I should be looking for something else? Bug wise.
Ask the Exterminator
28 Apr 2012, 09:32
Scabies control requires zero pesticides. Food pantry pests do not bore into wood. Carpenter ants do eat into soft wood.
Ritu Jain
20 Dec 2013, 21:21

Even I see weevils all over my carpet. I found the source (bird food) and got rid of it. How do get rid of them completely?

21 Jul 2014, 04:33
Hi !, - got Pasta and rice weevils (think Pasta ones mostly). But; got lots of wood home and live in Tropical climate. On internet; woodbooring and Pasta Wiveels look pretty similar ?.
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