Latest Biting Insects Articles

Flea Life Cycle


The flea life cycle has been controlled by various new products over the past decade, but fleas are making a strong comeback. Having a good understanding about the flea life cycle is becoming more and more important.

Repel Mosquitoes


You can repel mosquitoes without applying smelly lotions and sprays. New developments have made controlling the pests easier. These products are affordable and claim to leave you mosquito free.

Mosquito Repellents


There are lots of choices of mosquito repellents, but choose wisely because some mosquito repellents can be toxic to children and sensitive individuals.

Mite Treatment


Relief from mites is a major problem as indicated by the number of people who visit Ask the Exterminator seeking help. One visitor's mite treatment involves washing sheets in Benzyl Benzoate.

Insect Repellent Clothing


Insect repellent clothing is just what the doctor ordered for keeping nasty bed bugs and mites from biting us while we try to get some sleep.

Kissing Bug


The Kissing bug belongs to a family of insects with over 130 species. Only one of the species, a South American variety, is known to regularly feed off the lips of its victims.

Black Flies


I cannot think of many things worse than fighting off biting black flies while outside trying to enjoy my time off. They seem to get in all the places where their painful bites are the worst like shoe tops, under belts and collars and up noses.



A gnat is the informal name for many small insects of the order Diptera. The gnat category often includes midges, sand flies, small flies, no-see-ums and even mosquitoes.

Tick Removal


Tick removal is a fairly easy procedure that, to the chagrin of many, does not involve matches or petroleum jelly. Our system of tick removal is fast, safe and easy.

Sand Flies


Sand flies are tiny nuisances, no bigger than 1/16 of an inch, that easily fly through window screens. Once inside, they target humans and animals, biting both for blood meals.

Hobo Spider


The Hobo Spider inhabits Central and Western Europe and was brought over to the Northwest United States in the 1930s. The Hobo spider spins funnel shaped webs and is known to come inside homes during the late summer or early fall. Its bite is venomous.

Army Ants


Army ants travel in a bivouac, or swarm while they search for food. They are migratory insects and do not like to stay in one place for a long period of time. They are interesting insects to observe because they are almost entirely dependent on each other.

How to get rid of fleas


If you want to learn how to get rid of fleas you first must figure out how you got them in the first place. No use going through all the flea removal steps if the source is still in the house.

How Do You Get Scabies


Lots of people confuse scabies with public lice, but scabies is actually an infestation of the itch mite.  So, the question of how do you get scabies if you have not had sexual contact is answered in this article.

What Bed Bugs Look Like


By now, we have all seen umpteen million pictures of bed bugs on TV, in the newspaper and on the web. But, for those still asking what bed bugs look like, I am going to give you some common objects to which to compare bed bugs.

Bed Bug Pest Control


Bed bug pest control requires a thorough examination and a willingness to do backbreaking work. Then, the determination to do it all over again in ten days and once again ten days later.

Brown Recluse Spider Control


Brown recluse spider control can take months, but control is possible if you approach it properly. Proper identification, exclusion, elimination of hiding places and proper monitoring and pesticide applications can make you a winner.

Yellow Sac Spider


Yellow sac spiders are probably responsible for more spider bites that occur in the US than any other spider. They have a bite that is painful but does not have long term side effects.

Bedbug Bite


A bed bug bite is difficult to identify even for an expert like a dermatologist. Collect a sample of any insect you find in or around your bed to have it properly identified before buying expensive bed bug treatments or products.

Buffalo Gnats


Female buffalo gnats are known for biting humans and animals in order to suck their blood. They can cause a lot of damage to livestock or people who are allergic to buffalo gnats.

Bed Bug Control


Everyone seems to have different opinions about how to treat for bed bugs. What should the treatment consist of when a pest control company treats for bed bugs?

Bullet Ant


Bullet ants are known for their nasty stings. The pain of their stingers is 30 times worse than a bee or wasp sting. Certainly enough to take your breath away.

Horse Fly


Horse flies are pests that pose a threat to humans and animals because they transmit diseases. The Horse fly serves almost no benefit to humans.



There must be a reason that G_d created the mosquito, but I am not sure what it is. Mosquitoes spread disease and discomfort. I suppose they are a food source for birds and bats.



Ticks make me think of tick bites and tick bites make me think of horrible jagged insect mouthparts sucking my blood. Enough! I'm grossing myself out.

Lyme Disease


Lyme disease is caused by bacteria passed to humans by infected black-legged or deer ticks. Find out how to prevent deer ticks from biting you.

Bed Bug Symptoms


Bed bug symptoms are not a myth. Bed bugs are a growing problem in the United States and can be found anywhere where humans reside. They are nocturnal and very small, so bed bugs can be tough to spot.

Home Remedies for Fleas


Here are some home remedies for fleas. There are powders, sprays, dips, pills and even books promising relief from fleas.

Sand Fleas


Sand flea bites can cause more pain than many other small insects. Also called no-see-ums, the sand flea can be found in many coastal regions of the United States.

Flea Bites On Humans


Flea bites can cause severe discomfort for pets and people, alike. Flea bites on humans require immediate attention to provide relief from the constant itching and potential infection.

Head Lice Treatment


A head louse treatment is required to eliminate head lice. Head lice need a living host to survive, so pest control treatments are not required. Treat the person carrying the lice with a head lice treatment and you will fix the problem.

Symptoms of Head Lice


The best method of lice prevention is early detection and treatment by manual removal of lice and lice eggs. Knowing the symptoms of head lice will help you prevent their spread.

Pubic Lice


Pubic lice, also known as crabs, are tiny parasites that are transmitted through sexual contact. Lice issues should be discussed with your doctor, not a pest control professional.

Head Lice


We usually notice the presence of head lice when dandruff-like flakes begin appearing at the base of the neck and behind the ears of children.



The scabies rash is caused by tiny mites that burrow into the top layer of human skin to lay eggs. This creates red bumps and an intense itching sensation.

Stink Bugs


Every year stink bugs invade parts of the country and people search for ways to keep stink bugs from getting into their homes. Exclusion! Exclusion! Exclusion is the only answer.

Biting Insects


If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen! That's what they say in the south when they hear someone complaining about biting insects. The perfect combination of high heat and high humidity makes the south a prime breeding area for huge populations of biting insect pests.



Different spider mites are active at different times during the year. The twospotted spider mite is a warm season mite, while the spruce spider mite is a common cool season mite.

Insect Bites and Stings


There are loads of cures on the market for insect bites and stings, some better than others. Here is an inexpensive, sure-fire way to stop the itching caused by insect bites and stings.

Bed Bug Mattress Covers


Bed bug mattress covers have very tightly woven fabrics that keep bed bugs from finding hiding places. Bed bug mattress covers can also trap bed bugs inside the cover if the bed bugs have already been discovered on or in the mattress.

Where Do Brown Recluse Spiders Live


Where to Brown Recluse spiders live? Anywhere they want to. Old joke, but true. These spiders want to be left to themselves in cultered, dark corners.

Black Widow Spider Bites


All spider bites contain venom, but the black widow spider bites have more powerful venom than others.

Chigger Bites


How can anything so small cause so much itching? Chiggers find their way on to parts of our bodies, bite and leave us itching for days.

Clover Mites


Clover mites manage to get through the smallest of cracks. Window screens are no match for this marauding pest. These tiny bugs present a challenge for pest control managers.

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Learning how to get rid of bed bugs in furniture can be frustrating. But, once you understand where bed bugs like to hide, understanding how to get rid of bed bugs becomes a lot easier to understand.

Bed Bug Bites


Bed bug bites can affect everyone regardless of age, race or social status. Everyone is susceptible to bed bug bites. So, should we be concerned about bed bug bites transmitting diseases?

Bed Bug Infestation

Having a bed bug infestation in a hotel or apartment complex is commonplace, whereas prior to 1999 finding a facility with a bed bug infestation had not been heard of since the 1940s. Bed bug infestation problems are eating away at  the profits of hotel and apartment management firms.

Avoiding Insect Bites

There are some fairly new and unusual items to help your efforts when avoiding insect bites and itching from poisonous plants. Some are topical creams and others are clothing or defensive items. It's all about the modern way to avoid insect bites and itching.