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How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Summary: Learning how to get rid of bed bugs in furniture can be frustrating. But, once you understand where bed bugs like to hide, understanding how to get rid of bed bugs becomes a lot easier to understand.

It is the toughest decision you will have to make when dealing with a bed bug problem in your home. Do you toss out infested furniture or hope that pest control treatments will eventually eliminate the problem?

Pest control professionals have customers on both sides of the aisle. Some clients quickly decide to throw out mattresses and box springs, upholstered chairs and even their dressers and bedside tables. They are disgusted by the very thought that their room might be inhabited by blood sucking insects.  While others simply refuse to discard anything at all. The latter type accounts tend to be continually plagued by bed bugs, of course. They eventually come to realize that either the infested furniture must go or they must decide that they can live with the bed bugs.


Generally speaking, wooden furniture can be treated in a way that bed bugs can be eliminated. Plywood should be tossed out because bed bugs can get into the laminated ends of the plywood sheets and hide from pesticide treatments. Solid wood provides no cracks and crevices and treatments are more successful.

How to get rid of bed bugs in upholstered furniture is problematic because of all the folds in the fabric. Bed bugs can get behind buttons, tufts and piping where pesticide applications are difficult. Treatments must also include areas covered by the cambric fabric (dust cover) on the bottom of most furniture, requiring the cambric to be removed.

As a rule of thumb, any piece of upholstered furniture with torn fabric should be discarded. Bed bugs easily move about looking for the best hiding places. Once they become established it is almost guaranteed that they will find openings in torn furniture where pesticides will not penetrate. Throw it out!

Understanding how different furniture types must be treated may help you in deciding which pieces may stay and which pieces must go.

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18 Jan 2012, 08:12
I have bad experience since September, I discovered the infestation on my couch, when I checked all the furniture in my house, I realized that I'm in trouble. They are in the mattressess, beds and on my chairs, sofas and I started to find out what to do. I poured boiling water, clorox, vaccum every week, sprayed pesticides still no result. They are less, every few days I see one or two. I became paranoid with them. I'd like to know what's Talstar which I read about in the last comment.
06 Feb 2012, 00:55
Me and my family have been fighting bed bugs for months and I'm getting tired of it. In the beginning I was able to see them crawling on the walls and beds. We've treated with everything we can and an exterminator is out of the question budget wise. My little sisters aren't as aware as I am but it's gotten to the point that I'm a fifteen year old who is terrified to sleep with the lights off just in case the bed bugs are roaming. I shake off everything I touch and everything I wear gets ran through the dryer. My mom, stepdad, and I have No idea what to do anymore.I'm beginning to get paranoid about going to sleep, because I feel like they're crawling on me. I jump up out of my seat everytime I see a speck. I'm tired from lack of sleep and tired of the paranoia. What can I do?seriously someone help please.
Ask the Exterminator
06 Feb 2012, 11:36
I have many, many articles on this site that explain what you must do in order to control bed bugs. Spraying pesticides randomly will never cure the problem. You need to be able to identify all the stages of the insect. You need to understand where they hide. Study and learn before you attempt to treat. If you don't fully understand the habits of this insect you will never gain control.
Ky Bed Bugs
13 Feb 2012, 10:26
I just want to know how effective that the pest control can be.... do they usually get rid of the bed bugs? Should I just attempt to battle this alone? They said they charged 200 for the whole apartment.... does that sound like " too good a deal"???? I am loaded with bites, loosing sleep, I am going insane... is it a good idea to just go ahead and get a new mattress then get a casing for the new one? I just moved into this new apartment could they had already been there in the carpet lurking??
Ask the Exterminator
18 Feb 2012, 12:54
$200 is cheap. I recommend three visits to get control. The visits are spaced no more than 10 days apart. There is a lot of work involved in eliminating bed bugs. Much of the work must be done by the homeowner. You can do the work yourself if you take the time to study the behavior and stages of bed bugs. It's a matter of being able to identify all the instar stages and understand where they hide and when and why they migrate. Are you up to the task?
12 May 2012, 00:31
Hi, Just like everyone else on this page, I too have the inconvenience of bed bugs. You say that they hide in small crevices and such. But I was wondering, would bombing work? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I am guessing that because the poison would then be in the form of a "mist", it would penetrate everywhere, including the small spaces. Please help. Thank you.
Ask the Exterminator
12 May 2012, 07:37
Foggers are primarily for flying insects. The fog goes up and falls back down. The fog does not find its way into cracks and crevices as depicted in Raid commercials. You need to inject a pesticide into cracks and screw holes and into upholstery folds. It takes a lot of labor to find all the possible hiding places.
13 May 2012, 23:20
Hello...i moved into an apartment no one knew had bed bugs. The previous tenent got them last summer according to the neighbors. We moved in march 3rd and my son started getting bit on march 9. We have been going at this for all this time. The exterminator has come out 4 times. The last time they pulled out only one wall of paneling sprayed it and put it back up. He said its to far for them to walk to my son for a feeding so they arent on any other wall. They have now spread to my neighbors house(duplex) and the exterminator found 4 adults in her bed. When i first found them i had found adults also. We both want to move because all they are doing is spraying her side and now going to bomb my sons room and my daughters room because we tried him sleeping in there on a blow up mattress and still got bit. We have since got rid of his mattress and we always launder everything everytime. We arent sure what to do at this point. We will leave all furniture behind but worried about elecronics and taking them with us....please help!!!!
28 Dec 2012, 04:39
how can i get rid of bedbu they are in my bed whih is wooden,but i asure that m not are there yes or not,but i saw one yesterday,please help
10 Apr 2013, 19:36
My question is this i have already hired two exterminators the first one did a crappy job and caused my problem to get worse the second one just finished the second treatment yesterday in my whole house why are we still getting eatin alive i have covers on my bed and my new living room furniture seems like i sit on it for five minuttes and im being attacked?
05 Jun 2013, 23:18
Well I been having them for about 3months now and I just threw away my sofas and mattresses. This is my second day and so far no bites!!! I also bought this "ortho" pesticide at lowes and it seems to be working. Yesterday I took all my towels covers curtains etc. to wash and I'm keeping them in bags I don't have carpet but their is a lot of cracks if the wood Floors. So we been spaying everywhere like crazy we also bought some bombs and we closed the room up and threw one in there. I'm sleeping in the floor in my living room for now and will continue to do so for two weeks when I purchase my mattresses (I will keep them in their orig. packaging please advise me if this sounds right to you I can't afordd to hire an exterminator.. Thank you
Ask the Exterminator
06 Jun 2013, 07:37
If it's working that's all that counts.
26 Aug 2013, 19:21
My neighbors put infested furniture outside for three days. It was unwrapped, do bed bugs evacuate furniture when it is placed outside, and if so, can they latch onto people walking by? I am being hyper vigilant, and don't even walk where it was, but just thinking about it makes me itch! I have been carrying my dog up the block before even putting him down.
Ask the Exterminator
28 Aug 2013, 14:02
Bed bugs will evacuate discarded furniture, but they can't fly or jump. So, people walking by are in no danger of picking up bed bugs.
08 Sep 2013, 21:43
My landlord had an exterminator come out because I found atleast 10 adults and 2 babies. Am I at full blown infestation? It's like the treatment never happened! Still getting bites like CRAZYYY. I am absolutely miserable. What do I do? Will buying mattress and box spring covers help? And what about DE powder?
Ask the Exterminator
27 Sep 2013, 10:25
To treat bed bugs you need an initial treatment and two follow-up treatments spaced 7 to 10 days apart. The treatments need to break the egg laying cycle of the bed bug.
29 Dec 2013, 20:11
how long does bedbug live after the person moves out and a new person moves in?
08 Jan 2014, 10:43
My hubby has been sleeping on the couch for a few months, he has been getting bitten for a couple of months. He saw the culprit 2 weeks ago when he felt one crawling across his face. Since then we have fully vacuumed the couch and completely prayed it down with alcohol (it was wet) went through the ribbing and all the places we thought they would hide(online video showed us where to look). After that I used a hand held steamer and steamed up everything. After that dried I sprayed down tea tree oil. It has been a week and just went through the same procedure, got some more bugs, but not as many as last time, how long should I expect to be doing this? I am seeing bugs in every stage, luckily they are only on the couch, we have a 22 month old, everyone in the house has been bitten, as of right now no one uses the couch, should I just toss it, or am I on the right path?
Ask the Exterminator
08 Jan 2014, 10:52
You're on the right path. Your follow-up treatments should be spaced no more than 7 to 10 days apart until all activity has ceased. You need to break their egg laying cycle. Pull back folds in the fabric to find well-hidden bugs.
18 Feb 2014, 19:01
Hi. I've had some furniture in a storage for a year now after I found out the apartment I moved in had bed bugs. Do u thibk the furniture will be ok now?
27 Feb 2014, 00:06
I just found out I got bedbugs a lot of things that ppl say don't work does raid works lavender scent and the raid for fleas and ticks .I live in an apartment landlord to cheap to pay 500 so I took it upon myself to take action im 1 of those ppl who don't like bugsso I threw away my bed didn see a lot of bedbugs but seen adult ones and that was enuff for me I will b using foggers soon so il keep u updated on my success

22 Apr 2014, 16:29
Hello...renters brought bed bugs into our house. It looked like the infestation was just in their room. I had them move out but they left their infested furniture in my backyard. My husband took everything to the dump and we had our house tented for four days using vikane. I'm concerned bugs could have survived in our backyard and could make their way back in. I'm I just over thinking or could the bugs live outside in our sunny California back yard?
freaking out!! please help!!
22 Dec 2014, 21:48
hi I just found out I have bed bugs on my couch and the exterminator is coming to do first treatment of apartment tomorrow, the couch has been ripped under the cushion where the springs r so cotton is showing my friend says I should throw it out but I really need an expert opinion please help!!
Ask the Exterminator
23 Dec 2014, 11:23
It's possible for bed bugs to get inside of the cushion where only heat treatment would kill them. You may have to toss the couch, or at least the cushions.
25 Jan 2015, 01:12
1 bedroom in the house in infested. Can they get in my car if the person sleeping there sits in i
Ask the Exterminator
25 Jan 2015, 06:29
It's possible.
Tell me it's over
18 Feb 2015, 15:09
We just moved into a home that already had bugs. They were crawling up the walls! We had an exterminator come in and inspect. He said that the infestation was average. They call last night with a quote and told us to put everything in the center of the room and they would be here for about 2 hours and for us to stay out for 4 hours. They were only there for 45 minutes.... Could they have treated the whole house I. That little amount of time? And the stuff they use, does it kill on contact? I just need some peace of mind.
21 Feb 2015, 09:45
Hello, I have severe ocd and I have recently been exposed to bed bugs and I am going insane.we have only spotted them in my son's room where he has wooden bunk beds, we have steamed,used 91% alcohol,tea tree oil,and vacuumed every single day we have duct taped along the wood lining of his room, yet we are still seeing 1 to 2 every night around the same time.I feel horrible for my son because I won't allow him to come into my room because I'm afraid he will transport the bugs. I have recently decided to throw out the bunk beds and have him to sleep on a air mattes until the problem is completely GONE. However how do I get rid of the bunks without dropping bugs in the house while moving them.Or should I break the wood down and throw them out of his window? If so can they crawl back into the house?
Ask the Exterminator
21 Feb 2015, 11:01
Rather than throw the beds out, why not simply take them apart and inspect every screw hole and notch for the presence of bedbugs? Bedbug control requires a determination to locate every possible hiding place. Bedbugs, generally can be found around places where people sleep. 80% of the time they are directly around the bed.
Mary Ann
26 Feb 2015, 13:06
My girlfriend and I moved into an apartment we believe had bed bugs before ewe moved in were getting bitten often and the exterminator has sprayed twice but were afraid they are in our hard wood floors which have cracks in them what do I do to if there in the floor under the wood?
Ask the Exterminator
26 Feb 2015, 13:54
An active bed bug infestation would not remain under the hardwood floor. Bed bugs want easy access to their blood meal, so they will set up their aggregation spots much closer to where you are sleeping. (On the bed, in the bed frame, under a side table)If it is a large population of bed bugs you might find some in between floor boards, but you should be able to see them upon close inspection.
04 May 2015, 02:53
So I'm 13 years old and my mom knows that me and my sister have bed bugs but we have like very little money and can not afford any fancy treatments so I'm terrified to sleep at night and was wondering if I slept in a different room if they would die off because they had no meal? Pleas help I can't sleep at night...
Ask the Exterminator
04 May 2015, 09:44
Changing rooms will only give you temporary relief. The bed bugs will find you. Any pesticide will kill bed bugs on contact. Buy a cheap product and start searching for bed bugs. You need to take your bed totally apart to check every screw hole. Go on line to study about what all stages of bed bugs look like, including their eggs. Check every fold of upholstery and every crack around where you sleep. Look for their black spots of fecal droppings. Don't spray surfaces where your body can come in contact with the spray.
24 Jul 2015, 05:16
Hi on the 7 days i discover there a bed bug on the sofa that my uncle give me after discover that i thrown the sofa and clean all my house with dettol and vacuum even my curtain i wash them everything but i have one problem that i using laminate flooring i worried that some of them might hide in the laminate flooring and crawl into our room. I was totally paranoid please help me!!
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